Through PSD to HTML conversion services, we convert our clients’ PSD files into W3C validated HTML codes. Our expert coders use hand-crafted codes to create responsive web-pages. During the conversion, we slice or divide a PSD image into smaller images. Our coders then reassemble these images on a web-page using updated CSS layers or HTML table. We make sure to analyze the web-pages for the cross-browser compatibility to guarantee maximum performance and smooth user-experience.
Pixel Perfect HTML professionals are known for versatility. We can cater to the needs of the individuals who are engaged in website designing/development services. We can be equally helpful to the bloggers who want their ideas to be coded. If you are the owner of a website who wants to customize the looks of an open-source website with a catchy new design, then we are present to offer quality service. In a nutshell, our personalized services are for anyone who has a PSD-file that is required to be coded into a responsive web-page.
At Pixel Perfect HTML, we offer customized services for our clients according to unique requirements. We offer the following services through our affordable and well-planned packages - PSD to HTML5/WordPress/Drupal/Magento/WooCommerce service XD to HTML service Sketch to HTML service Integration of CRM solution WordPress website maintenance service HTML maintenance service
To be honest, it depends upon the unique requirements of each client or unique features of each project. However, our standard turnaround time for a single-page HTML project is one day. Some projects may take longer to finish due to its size and complexity. The implementation of additional pages/requirements may increase any project’s turnaround time. However, the countdown of the timeline starts after we receive all the details of a project from a client. We are equally efficient at handling the urgent projects that require expedited delivery. The urgent delivery of any project may increase the total cost of any project. However, we always prioritize our clients’ requirements. For detailed information, you may contact us on XXX.com. We will get back to you as early as possible to resolve all your queries.
At Pixel Perfect HTML, we stay updated regarding the latest guidelines of leading search-engines. We always use W3C validated and hand-crafted codes that are compatible with the latest guidelines of search engines. We use clean codes that search-engine bots can easily understand. We steer clear of using any software application when coding. With these extensive efforts, we guarantee the delivery of SEO-friendly conversions and responsive web-pages.
For large-scale projects, we offer customized discounts along with the adjustment of delivery time. We even offer 50% discount for each secondary page of a website. We can give you the final price after investigating the design and evaluating the details of your requirements. So, contact us with attached ‘Design Previews’ and get answers to your queries.
It depends upon the existing markup. We thoroughly evaluate the HTML coding to detect any problem. Our coders can address the issue and offer adequate solution depending upon a project’s unique requirements. We provide our clients with a separate quote for this issue.
Yes, we do. We try to maximize our clients’ comfort and convenience. If you do not want any design to be displayed for personal references or on our portfolio, then we are ready to protect your rights by signing an NDA. Have other demands? Contact us for detailed information.
Yes. We are always ready to assist our clients. Let us know whenever you need to check a sample of our previous works.
Alongside the PSD to HTML-5 conversion services; we offer - Integration of CRM solutions WordPress website maintenance service HTML maintenance service
The search-engine bots love clean, semantic and W3C-validated codes. Our coders know this, and we use hand-coded HTML markups instead of using the software tools to create complex markup language. With this practice, we can create responsive and SEO-friendly web-pages.
Yes, we are. We have a 24x7 technical and non-technical support service for our clients and others. Whatever is your query or issue, you may find us by your side at all times.


Born on 2015, Pixel Perfect HTML offers updated and flawless PSD to HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, WooCommerce services since day #1. Later, we extended the list of our services. We vowed to transform the ingenious visions of our clients into responsive websites since day #1.
We have experienced, skilled, and dedicated coders and web-developers in PPH. We also assign an efficient manager for each project. For detailed information, contact us or read ‘About Us’.
Our work does not deplete our energy. However, our professionals take weekend breaks to recharge the brain. But, we are willing to work on weekends for our clients if there is an emergency. We regard our client’s wish as our command and we are ready to cater to all your requirements.
It is a simple process. You just need to request a ‘Quote Form’ or to complete the ‘Our Order’ form. We will get back to you as early as possible with a ‘Price Quote’ and ‘Completion Time’ for your project after investigating the details of your ‘Design’ and ‘Requirements’.
We always prioritize our clients’ necessities. You can see the approximate timeline for a project when placing an order. However, we may need to adjust the delivery-date based on a project’s complexity. The timeline starts after approving the price and delivery date for a project.
We are always ready to maximize our client’s convenience. Therefore, we have a ‘Client’s Area’ on our website. Through this area, we can track and centralize the data exchanged between PPH and clients. If it is convenient, then you may contact us via e-mail or web chatting.
Yes, we do. We fix the bugs or make minor changes to a web page free of any cost. However, we give additional quotes for sizeable modifications and numerous additions to a finished project.
We do not make business alliances; we build a relationship with our clients. Therefore, we offer technical/non-technical supports to our clients, even months after a project’s delivery.
We put our clients’ requirements above all. We can expedite the delivery of your project. We have efficiency to meet the most demanding deadlines. However, we may charge up to 80% of the quoted price additionally in order to accommodate the requirements of an expedited project.
Yes. We have experienced designers who will be happy to cater to your requirements. Please contact us with detailed information. We promise to get back to you in a short while to resolve all queries.
Please get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist you.


Yes. We value the privacy of our clients’ above all. We are ready to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) upon our clients’ terms and conditions. Send us the form. We will send it back after signing.
Never. We will never publish anything about your project without your permission.
No, we do not claim any rights on the final markup. Once we pay the quoted price; the markup becomes yours.
We offer 100% security to our clients’ projects. If you peruse through our website, then you will notice that we designed and coded all samples only for the purpose of display on our website.
We have handled hundreds of projects with zero complaints from our clients. We ensure to maximize our clients’ satisfaction. However, we guarantee to refund your investment if you feel dissatisfied with a project’s final outcome.
Once our clients pay for a project, they own the codes. We claim no rights over the codes.
Our Privacy Policy discusses about the collection, storage of data, policy regarding the use/sharing of data and protection to our clients’ personal data or sensitive information. Please, carefully read each point mentioned in the Privacy Policy before retaining our service.


We prefer USD (United States Dollars)
We accept PayPal along with all major credit cards for the convenience of all clients.
We need our clients to clear the payment before starting a project.
We have custom discounts; however, it varies from one project to another. It depends upon a project’s size and type. We usually offer custom discounts for the large-scale projects. We also adjust the delivery date for such projects. For detailed information, contact us with attached ‘Design Previews’. We can inform you about the discounted price once we analyze your requirements along with the attached design.
You will receive confirmation e-mail for upfront payment once you complete our order form. We will also send an order summery to confirm your order. One of our efficient project managers will get in touch with you via e-mail after thoroughly reviewing your project. He/she will confirm a practical timeline for the project depending upon its unique features.
Yes. We do request an additional charge for the web pages larger than 1200px.
Please contact us with detailed information. We will get back to regarding the ‘Custom Quote’ information.
Irrespective of the quoted price that you received in the past, we charge you according to our current pricing structure for the interior pages.
Our project managers determine a practical timeframe for every project depending upon its unique features. We strive to complete a project within this deadline. However, we may face an unexpected complication that may cause delay in the completion/delivery of a project. In this scenario, a dedicated project manager keeps you updated regarding the status of your project.


Yes, we do. Our experts can install the theme on your server. We request you to deliver the following details. - FTP/SFTP credentials, such as host/username/log-in password/target directory - URL address for new installation - MySQL database with login credentials, such as host, username, password and database name We may use various methods to install the WordPress, such as VPN or remote desktop. We do not need the hosting control panel or access to the phpMyAdmin during the installation.
Yes, we can. Please send us a message for any custom WordPress work. We will get back to you as quickly as possible with a quote for this custom work after reviewing the details of your unique requirements.
Yes, it is. Please contact us for detailed information.
We can develop a custom theme based on our clients’ unique requirements. However, we quote you separately for this custom work. We request you to send a message with the details in order to receive a quote.
Yes, we can. We request you to contact us with the detailed information. We will address your unique requirements as soon as possible.

HTML Maintenance

Website maintenance service is essential to prevent hacking, to prevent downtime, to increase the loading speed and to maximize the users’ experience. Therefore, we offer customized website maintenance service according to each client’s unique requirements. Our ‘Website Maintenance’ service includes routine updates, marketing, resolving issues, fixing bugs, data migration, maximizing performance and security of clients’ websites.
With regular updating, we equip your website with fresh textual, video, image, PDF and other types of content. We do not just help you gain loyalty from the visitors to your website with this effort. We can maximize their experience when navigating through the website. The search-engine bots also like websites with fresh content. Therefore, we can help your website become search-engine friendly with well-planned website maintenance service.
Whether it is updating of textual content/advanced images/plug-ins or management of website or web page, our experts can cater to the unique requirements of every client. Please contact us for detailed information. We can give you unique quotes depending upon your unique requirements and budget.
The common website maintenance services available through Pixel Perfect HTML are - - Updating a website’s content and appearance - Addition of new functionality - E-commerce integration - Creation of form - Integration of additional web pages We offer various other services along with the aforementioned ones. Please contact us for details.
It is possible; however, it depends upon your website’s type. However, we are efficient to resolve any problem. If your website does not let you make changes pertaining to the maintenance, then we can convert your website into a Content Management System. To avail this option, we request you to contact us with the details of your website.
It rarely happens; however, we may become unable to perform some maintenance changes to your website. It may happen due to the language that your website has been built with. It may even happen due to a current provider’s restrictions. There are a few other reasons that may prevent us from providing maintenance service for your website.
The answer depends upon the unique features and requirements of your website along with the number of requested changes. We can confirm the turnaround time after receiving the unique change requests from you. We request you to contact us with the detailed information. We usually complete all website maintenance changes within 24 hours of a business day.
We are always ready to assist our clients. You can access our support team via e-mail or Skype messenger. We are available to resolve your queries at your convenience and as per your requirements.
We cover all popular Content Management Systems of these days, such as Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Dot Net, Drupal, Open Cart, Magento and custom CMS according to your choice.
We have short-term agreement plans for our clients, as we offer 3-month long website maintenance plans. - We also give our clients the opportunity to pay on a monthly basis depending upon the unique requirements of a project. - For monthly plans, we need to set up your account on the basis of automatic credit card - billing for monthly renewals. - Your credit card will be automatically billed on the 1st day of each month until you cancel this mode of payment in writing. - You may cancel your maintenance plan at any time after paying for three months. - However, you need to provide a 10-day notice before the next date of renewal in order to cancel a plan.
We guarantee 100% data security. All our servers are hosted in secured world-class data centers. These data centers enjoy 24-hour physical security for the maximum protection to our clients’ data.
Yes; we will. We can make any changes to your website depending upon your unique requirements. We request you to contact us with the detailed information. However, we will handle these changes as a separate project. We will submit customized quote based on your unique requirements. We will start working on this project after receiving your approval.
No, we don’t. We include the maintenance plan for one website into a single plan.
Yes. We give our clients the opportunity to upgrade/downgrade the website maintenance plan at any time. You also have the permission to cancel the plan at any time depending upon your requirements. The changes made to a plan are designed to be effective from the next billing cycle. For any enquiry or change to an existing plan, you may contact our support team at any time.
We have years of experience serving hundreds of clients. Our professionals are capable of handling any project or requirement. If the required service is not mentioned under the list of our website maintenance services, then we request you to contact us with the detailed information. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible and discuss how to satisfy your requirements.
We are sorry to inform you that we do not have this facility available for our clients. The packages are available on a monthly recurring basis. Hence, it is not possible for us to carry forward the number of unused hours to the next month.
No. We bill the website maintenance services in 30-minute increments, as we assign a minimum of 30 minutes for each job.
We offer a lucrative 20% discount with our annual maintenance plans. This discount is instantly available to all our clients when they sign up for the annual maintenance plan.
We accept payments via all major debit/credit cards along with the PayPal.
Because you will avail the following facilities - - Technical expertise on all updated technologies - Quick turnaround time - All-time support from finest SEO experts, graphic designers and content writers - Short-term contracts or monthly plans - Weekly reporting - Monthly backup of data - Frequent updates of core and plug-ins
We do not require our clients to sign any contract. We let our clients pay for the website maintenance service on an as-you-go basis. There is no cancellation fee available due to the absence of contract. You can cancel at any time and we will stop the billing from the next billing cycle.
It is extremely easy to teaming up with Pixel Perfect HTML. You only need to tell us what features need updating and we will start the process in accordance to your requirements. We appoint a dedicated manager for each project that keeps our clients updated on an as needed basis. We inform our clients after completing any project enabling them to review the changes. We give our clients the opportunity to make sure that everything has been done in accordance to their requirements. We let you focus on your business whilst taking the best care of your website.

Wordpress Maintenance

For information about WordPress maintenance/hosting/optimization/migration services, you just need to complete the general Contact Form. You may select the service that you require from the drop-down list. You are supposed to enter the details of your problem on our ‘online form’ if you need an emergency support. One of our professionals will contact you within two hours after completing the checkout process.
We have years of experience in delivering WordPress maintenance service. We always check the compatibility before updating the plugins/themes/versions of WordPress. If we ever get any unexpected results, then we take adequate measures to resolve the issues without additionally charging our clients.
Through our WordPress maintenance service, we monitor the security of all our clients’ websites in real-time making it impossible for the hackers to intrude any website under our care. However, our professionals immediately start repairing the breach if it happens despite the strictest measures of security. We are efficient at breaching any intrusion. However, we will restore a website’s backup from the last 24 hours if we are unable to repair the issue. After restoring the back up, we focus on strengthening a website’s security in order to prevent future events of cyber attacks.
Yes, you can. You can easily upgrade/downgrade any plan at any time. Please contact us for detailed information. We will get back to you and guide you through the entire sign-up process.
You may check out our service for emergency WordPress Support if you do not need our monthly maintenance plan. This service is excellent for one-time tasks, such as fixing a hacked or broken website.
Yes, you can. Please contact us for detailed information. We can offer you a customized quote depending upon your unique requirements.
No. The managed WordPress hosts may offer an extensive service in comparison to the shared hosts. However, it is not possible for them to do everything that is necessary for the absolute maintenance of a WordPress website. -- A managed host may update the WordPress core, however, may not update the plugins/themes. -- Some hosts keep 1-5 daily back-ups whilst others may keep weekly back up. --- We do not offer substandard service. -- We keep daily back-ups and keep all back-ups for 90 days. In addition to this service, we keep the back-up data completely separate from your web host. -- A managed host stores the back-up data on the same server as your website. -- This may lead to a major issue for your website if the server experiences any problem. -- On the other hand, your website is at risk of data-loss if the hosting company has issues even if it stores the back-up data on separate servers. We can prevent this untoward event. The managed hosts can scan a website for the malware; however, they can’t or won’t remove the malware. We will perform this task if your plan includes Malware Removal service. In addition to the comprehensive maintenance, our plan includes the services that managed hosts don’t or won’t offer, such as web development service, SEO audits, minor changes or uptime monitoring.
A variety of factors, such as network connections or web-hosting services, influence the security of a website. It is impossible for us to control these factors. Hence, we cannot claim with 100% guarantee that your website will not go down or get hacked. It will be a false or unrealistic claim. However, we follow the strictest measures of web-security and updated maintenance rules in order to prevent any event of cyber-attack as strictly as possible.
It’s true that you can click the WordPress ‘Update’ button to include updated features. However, you may not have the efficiency to check for bugs that may be present within the updates. It may not be possible for you to fix your website if it breaks due to having incompatible updates. With years of experience handling the WordPress maintenance plans, we have a well-devised and analyzed process for updating and addressing all issues. We also restore the back-up data after thorough checking. Our WordPress maintenance plan also includes the Security Monitoring services.
If the paid/custom plugins/themes use the general WordPress update functionality, then we can update accordingly. However, we work with our clients to update other custom or paid plugins/themes.
We can work with any host that satisfies the basic WordPress requirements. However, we may charge you additionally if you prefer using a cloud host or your own server. The additional charge is applicable even if you prefer a hosting option that interferes with our WordPress update process or tools.
Not, presently.
With month-to-month WordPress maintenance plans, we have no long-term commitment for our clients. Hence, we guarantee the peace of mind for our clients through WordPress maintenance plan.
If you are unhappy with our service or if we are unable to resolve your issues, then we promise to refund your last payment. However, we have not had a dissatisfied client as of yet.
Contact us with your queries. We will get back to you as soon as possible with answers.

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