Top Magento E-Commerce Plugins That You Need to Acquire

WEB DEVELOPMENT | May 24, 2017

For operating a successful E-Commerce store, Magento plugins are essential. However, with a plethora of plugins, selecting the right ones has become a challenge, today. Magento enables E-Commerce stores help their customer easily compare more products with their description and prices. This E-Commerce application helps small and medium-sized businesses to launch their online store quickly and easily. No wonder, Magento is the most used platform, today. With Magento extensions, you can increase the efficiency and power of your online store.

Magento supports 200,000+ small, medium and large businesses on the globe with its scalable, flexible, and reliable open-source solution. A survey conducted by Alexa found that 26% of the top 1 million websites use Magento.

Who needs Magento plugins? If you want features like checkout extensions, gallery extensions, and product extensions on your web store, then you need Magento! With these extensions, you offer a user-friendly shopping experience to your customers. All Magento plugins offer a brilliant UI and UX design and are PHP platforms and MySQL database ready.

What’s the benefit? By using these plugins, you save precious time in managing your online store and you get to focus on your core business competencies for greater revenues and profit. Additionally, with suitable Magento extensions and modules, you can save thousands of dollars in customizing your online store.

We have created a list of most efficient and widely used Magento plugins that can help you successfully manage your online business.

Fooman Google Analytics Plus

Fooman Google Analytics Plus is the ultimate plugin for companies that want to keep a track of their users’ behavior. It gives you an extensive data on your customers’ reaction and action that can help in increasing sales by suggesting marginal adjustments. Fooman also provides deeper analysis on AdWords conversion for purchase, which is an important function for every business.

Auto Cross Sell Products

Auto Cross Sell Products gives the customers a list of items available for sale that are either similar or an accessory to their searched item; which compels them to browse and buy more than what they are looking for. Your customers appreciate such suggestions as it helps them cross-compare different products and their features. Many E-Commerce giants like eBay and Amazon do this by adding a sidebar of similar or related products that other customers have rated or viewed.

J2T Points & Rewards Plugin

J2T Points & Reward Plugin helps in attracting more customers by rewarding them for specific tasks. If you want loyal customers, you must give them something extra. With J2T you can reward your customers, and keep them motivated and encouraged to visit your store again.

For example, when they refer a friend, post a review, or even place an order, they can earn some brownie points. Later, these points can be redeemed for discounts on next purchases or any other offer. It allows you to customize everything that you can come up with through control panel in the rewards program. You can also set terms like the maximum amount of points that can be used in a single order, or send a notification to customers when their points are about to expire.

Canonical URL for Magento

Canonical URL helps you find and eradicate duplicate content. To make sure that your site isn’t caught in the labyrinth of identical contents, you can set the preferred vision of website URL as a canonical URL; and fortunately with Magento, setting up a canonical URL is not a cumbersome task, anymore. It will also relieve you from the job of setting canonical tags manually each time you add new products to your website. Canonical URL for Magento is a significant extension and what makes it better is that it is free.

Advance Sitemap

As the name suggests, advance Sitemap helps you to generate a sitemap of your website automatically. By using this plugin, you can keep a record of uniformity in sections in as per the individual priorities. You can even set the homepage’s frequency and priority. Moreover, you can display your front-end tabs on the website to give it a more striking look.

Magento is definitely a platform to consider for your web store. All the Magento extensions are available from their official marketplace Magento Connect.

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