WordPress Trends to Look out in 2017

WEB DEVELOPMENT | July 19, 2017

WordPress trends are heralding new pedestals of excellence and success. Every year it adopts many new trends and permeates all over the internet to change the overall appeal and layout of the websites. Let’s have an insight into the WordPress trends that are going to add a new chapter of success to its long history of dynamism. Although some characteristics are already evident that would continue to dominate in the year 2017.

1. Be Prepared for More Customized Components

Fiercely competition online world has intensified the clamor among online enterprises to appear offbeat. This leads to a greater range of more personalized components on the web pages. This will witness the use of much more platforms like JS and HTML5 for crafting engaging animations. Briefly, the tools available will be used with more intelligence and right planning to optimize its benefits.

2. One Page Design

These days’ businesses and audiences both are more inclined towards having and viewing single page website and the trend would continue to rule the roost. Such designs are not only simple to build and design but it is easy for the buyer also to buy the products. This is widely crafted with a business story that is sufficient enough to engage and entice the visitors.

3. Parallax Scrolling Pattern Will Dominate

This is an easy trick to move background at a slower rate than the front content thus giving an illusion of 3D. The process is termed as Parallax and gives a depth to the web page. It has been reported that this pattern has displayed a drastic increase in the website traffic and there is no reason it will go down anytime soon in this year also.

4. Themes Will Remain the Soul of Website Design

Earlier when you have to create a website you need to search for days to finalize a theme on the internet. Thus delaying the entire project and your online website takes a lot of time to go online. But now with the release of WordPress theme applications, you can have access to an unlimited number of themes/templates to choose from within no time. You can select the desired theme and customize it given your business needs. This trend is going to continue in 2017 too.

5. Move to Saas Platform

The codes for plugins and themes are available under the general public license rule. This gives an authority to anyone to change the code and use it on their own website. This discourages the innovation of developers and breaches their copyright. Converting the widget into a SaaS component can be a good solution. Now developers are changing the licensing policy and trying to protect their codes. This trend is going to increase in 2017 to protect the uniqueness of the design. This will help create improved and protected WordPress plugins leading to a more appealing layout.

6. Unique Typography will be the Trend In 2017

Because of the fiercely competitive marketplace, website owners are expecting more effective textual display from the WordPress. Now H2 and H3 headers, which are quite popular, are not attracting more traffic as visitors are now demanding more appealing and unique appearing website content. Hence, developers are now using third applications like Abode and Google to create catchy fonts and importing them into the WordPress landscape to offer better textual display to the websites. These customized fonts are appearing much better than the conventional ones and it is going to stay in fashion even in 2017.

7. Mobile Compatible

Mobile compatibility of WordPress websites is yet another trend that will dominate this year. Almost everyone nowadays is having Smartphones and are present online throughout. This has encouraged every website to go mobile compatible to meet the requirements of the mobile users. This has become the best way to generate revenues. Be it Android or iOS, the web pages should be displayed properly on both the platforms to earn the goodwill for your brand and the customers. As per a recent study, more than 80% of the individual use smart gadgets to access the Internet. It is quite clear that the WordPress web pages should be mobile optimized and this trend is not going to die down anytime soon.

8. Drag & Drop Content Will Be Popular

The conventional sidebar layouts are no more in trend and drag and drop widgets have now taken its place. This concept offers a spectrum of flexibility to the developers in displaying the content. So, now you are no more tied to the regular format of the WordPress website. The WordPress users can use more appealing and simple layouts with the liberty of customization by dragging and dropping the widgets. This trend is going to stay in 2017 as well.

9. Images are the King

It is an old adage that Image and pictures have always been far more powerful and interactive than words and it still holds true in this modern world of 2017. Today the visitors have a very short attention span and considering this aspect images proves to be the most effective means to interact with them quickly. Graphic illustration is the trend of the day. Tweaking of the image can drive more web traffic and generate leads. In the year 2017, get prepared to see more WordPress websites that may have more visuals than content for better interaction with the visitors.

10. WordPress Working as E-commerce Platform

WordPress platform is being used for building e-commerce stores and will continue to serve this purpose in 2017 as well. This is probably the most astonishing trend hitting the internet these days. With the help of WooCommerce plugin the developers are creating e-commerce store on WordPress these days. It is not only user-friendly but also highly effective and optimized to create an online business for the enterprises.

Above listed are the top 10 WordPress trends that are ruling in 2017 although it is not the cast in stone. There are several other WordPress development trends triggering out to become a trend. But for sure all these trends are leading towards one common goal – to make the WordPress platform more user-friendly, effective and future ready.

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