WP Plugins to Display Maintenance Mode of Your Website

WEB DEVELOPMENT | December 6, 2017

It is essential for the commercial websites to redesign or rebuild the sites in intervals to add updated/advanced features. If these websites remain silent during the maintenance, then they may appear non-functional to the viewers. Therefore, it is essential to put a maintenance page on display when a website undergoes restructuring. It allows websites to receive important emails during maintenance and allows them drive towards social media accounts pages. WordPress has an inbuilt Maintenance Mode; however, it remains unavailable most of the times. The WP Maintenance Mode Plugins are highly useful during maintenance, as it prevents commercial websites from losing clients due to downtime.


The Maintenance plugin stay true to its name by offering simplest user-interface amidst other maintenance WP Plugins. It has the basic features for the creation of simple and nice appearing maintenance pages. This plugin has Google Analytics field, unlimited color configurations and custom logo uploading options alongside other exclusive features. The free and premium versions have separate features and users can activate them without any coding.

Users can perform the following tasks using the free version.

  • They can create a personalized maintenance design with a customized full-screen background.
  • They can add their own text or title and let the validated users log in through the maintenance page.
  • They have the liberty to use or discard 503-HTTP code and to keep certain pages out of the maintenance mode.

The premium version offers – background galleries/videos, three countdown timers, opt-in forms, social media links, access for specific user-roles and various other utilitarian features.

Elementor Maintenance Mode

Due to its simple maintenance-mode feature, developers can include page-builder plugins like Elementor Maintenance Mode in the list of WP maintenance mode plugins. Users can create customized maintenance pages using this plugin and can activate this mode from main Elementor interface. Its pre-built templates save users from developing maintenance pages from the scratch. The Pro version of Elementor gives access to various pre-built templates for ‘Coming-Soon/Maintenance’ pages.

Under Construction

Web Factory builds this maintenance-mode plugin and its features are available free of any cost. The exclusive pre-built designs have added Under Construction to the group of leading WP Plugins. It does not just provide a large background image to overlay with texts. It allows users to create personalized ‘Under Construction’ pages from various themes. It has numerous other utilitarian features.

  • Users can add ‘automatic end dates’ to the maintenance-mode pages.
  • They can add ‘Login’ buttons to maintenance page and include customized text or content.
  • They can allow some users or user-roles to bypass the maintenance mode using this plugin.
  • They can also exhibit ‘Social profile links’ on the maintenance-mode page using this plugin.

WP Maintenance Mode

This free plugin from Designmodo is filled with functional features and has thousands of satisfied users around the world.

  • It gives users complete control over the texts, colors and backgrounds.
  • Users can create email opt-in forms and export them to .csv using the plugin.
  • They can add automatic countdown timers, social media icons and contact forms.
  • They can keep certain URLs out of the maintenance page.
  • They can also let some user-roles access the regular website during maintenance using this plugin.
  • This plugin offers full Multisite support; therefore, it is excellent for users running WordPress Multisite.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

This plugin offers several premium-quality features at an economic expense; however, it has no free version. The users can create organized maintenance pages at an expense of $18.

  • This plugin offers AJAX opt-in form and maintain full integrations with AWeber, iContact, GetResponse, MyMail, Campaign Monitor or MailChimp email marketing software.
  • The users can select a perfect social icon from a collection of over 100 icons using this plugin.
  • It allows ‘Search Engines’ to gain access to the website’s main page while human visitors can only access the maintenance page keeping the site’s online ranking intact.
  • Users also receive slideshow backgrounds and can put certain user-roles/IPs on white-list.

All WP Maintenance Mode Plugins have something exclusive to offer to the WordPress users; however, they need not to choose the perfect plugin based on their requirements. For example, the plugins capable of including the social media accounts and writing ‘call to action’ words are ideal for businesses trying to interact with their audiences during the maintenance period. The users also need to consider their customization options before selecting a WP plugin.

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