Becoming the pro web designer (Languages you need to know) – Part 1

WEB DESIGN | December 7, 2015
Becoming the pro web designer (Languages you need to know)

The title may seem a bit absurd to many people who have mastered Java Script and CSS and are on their way of becoming a professional web designer. While, these two tools are extremely important, they are not enough. With the technology changing at a dynamic rate, it becomes necessary to be well versed with everything that is coming up. And if you want to have that edge and take on web designing like a pro, then read on to find some of the other tools that would help you. Starting from today, we are presenting a series of blog post to discuss different tools, languages and programs that will help you master the designing.

And you would be surprised to find out the different numbers of languages, frameworks, libraries and tools that could help you in becoming the best web designer. After all, Internet is leading the way and you don’t want to fall back in the game, do you?

Today we are going to discuss some of the languages that you must know to be a better designer. If you are learning about web designing, then you must be well aware of the fact that computers understand a different language and so is the case with everything that comes under computers, including software and web pages. The languages that you need to know about when you are learning web designing are:

The languages that you need to know about!!

  1. JavaScript
  2. CoffeeScript
  3. Python
  4. Ruby
  5. PHP
  6. Go
  7. Objective C
  8. Swift
  9. Elixir


One of the most versatile languages that no web designer can do without is obviously JavaScript. When you talk about coding language and creating a website, this is one of the first codes you need to learn. The reason why it is the most preferred languages is that it runs across all web browsers, databases, mobile apps, frameworks and programs. And the good news is that this language will become easier to write and more powerful with the introduction of ES6. There are many tools and extensions that JavaScript covers and if you can learn all of them, then only you can master the web designing completely. There are tools, which will help you in zipping files and making every required transition.


Just like any spoken language is incomplete without a dialect, the same goes for programming languages and CoffeeScript is the most popular dialect. JavaScript can get complex and this is the part where CoffeeScript comes in. It only exposes the good parts of JavaScript to give a good readability and ensure it is brief. It has been inspired from Ruby, Python and Haskell and has the tagline, “It’s just JavaScript.”


When it comes to mathematical calculations, then Python is the most preferred choice among the web designers. It helps in solving mathematical problems very easy. It is a multipurpose programming language that is very easy to learn and works well on any type of computer without changing any program. But, to learn this language, you will have to know about the DJango framework about which we will talk in later section of the article.


Ruby is similar to Python but better, because it is used for a lot of applications from desktop GUI applications to web applications. It is also used for web servers, intelligent libraries, threaded database servers, and picture recognition engines along with other computer applications. It is run on Ruby on Rails framework.


If you want to add more functionality to your website, then only the knowledge of HTML won’t suffice and this is where PHP comes in picture. It is the language of WordPress and adds more functionality to a website. The things that PHP can do include performing calculations, creating simple and dynamic graphics, interacting with MySQL databases and other such tasks.


Another language that has become popular in the programming world is Go or Golang from Google. The reason why it has become so popular in such a short time is due its ability to compile a large program on a single computer in seconds. It avoids the extra C-style, which includes several files and libraries. Moreover, it has a model for software construction that makes it easy to conduct dependency analysis. However, you can put your idea of migrating to this language on hold because it is still in its development stages and will see a lot of glitches and changes.

Objective C

This is an object-oriented language that has a lot of great features that include object orientation, elegance, and low-level ability. It has been the language behind many popular programs including Apple’s OS X and iOS as well as their APIs, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.


When it comes to Apple’s OS X and iOS apps, the new language that they have adopted is Swift. Even if you are a beginner at programming and web designing, you can easily learn this new language and understand it. It is one of the best options because it has been able to incorporate Object code seamlessly and also helps in providing fast real-time feedback.


This new entrant in the list of languages for web designing has already been compared to Ruby in terms of its syntax. It uses lightweight processes and is one of the highly scalable languages. The best feature of this framework is its occurency.

These are some of the programing languages that will help you sharpen your programing skills. It is not necessary to know all these languages by heart. But mastering few of these can surely give you an edge over other designers. As we know Internet keep evolving everyday and you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends. To continue the series of the blog post we will be back soon to discuss the essential frameworks for web designing.

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