Top 10 Figma to HTML Conversion Service Companies 2024

Figma to HTML | May 17, 2024
figma to HTML company

You’ve created stunning designs in Figma, but to show them to users, you need to convert them into code. 

Converting designs into code is a somewhat tedious task. There are so many plugins available that can help you convert your Figma designs to code. But sometimes, you need to partner with a professional Figma-to-HTML service to help with the conversions.

But, when you browse the search engine, there are countless options available. It feels overwhelming with so many options and what to consider while hiring the Figma to HTML conversion company. 

Well, if you are confused – then we have got you covered. In this blog, we’ll cover what Figma-to-HTML service companies do. We’ll discuss how to choose the right one. We’ll also highlight the best companies in the business. Finally, we’ll explain how to proceed.

Let’s dive in!  

What does a Figma to HTML Conversion Service company do?

A Figma to HTML conversion company specializes in transforming designs created in Figma into fully functional websites using HTML code. They have a skilled team with extensive experience in this process. They ensure the transition from design to website is smooth and efficient. 

Before the conversion, they take the time to understand your specific requirements. They also analyze the audience you’re targeting. This allows them to tailor the HTML conversion accordingly.

Once the conversion process starts, they focus on delivering high-quality solutions. They ensure that the website looks great and functions flawlessly across different devices and browsers.

They guarantee the highest standards of quality through rigorous testing and attention to detail. This ensures reliability.

Additionally, these companies often provide supplementary services, such as CMS integration, HTML maintenance & support, and HTML to WordPress conversion.

They also offer XD to HTML service, PSD to WordPress service, and WordPress maintenance & support. Furthermore, they specialize in website optimization to enhance the website’s performance and functionality.

Criteria for selecting the best Figma to HTML service

1. Review code and portfolio

The very first step in choosing the best Figma to HTML conversion company is reviewing the quality of their services. Another crucial aspect to consider is examining their portfolio.

You can go through the clients the company has catered to earlier, especially the companies that have prior experience in working on projects in your industry. 

By analyzing their previous projects, you can get to know about the workflow. You can also assess the results and the quality of work. This will provide insights into other important aspects.

2. No use of plugins and automated tools

While choosing the Figma to HTML conversion company for your business needs, you need to ensure that the company you are choosing is not dependent on plugins or any automated tools.

They must do all the conversions with hand-coding because that’s the sole reason for hiring a professional company. Manual coding ensures a more tailored and optimized conversion that allows for greater control over the quality of HTML code, resulting in cleaner, more efficient, and semantically meaningful code.

3. Read online reviews and testimonials

Thereafter, to determine the capability of Figma to an HTML company, you need to go through the online reviews and testimonials from their previous customers.

You can check reviews through websites, social media, third-party review platforms, Google My Business page, etc. Check what they are saying about the company, the team, the results, processes, etc. 

These insights will help you make better decisions. To validate the testimonials, you can directly call the customer as well.

4. A clear understanding of Figma designs

It goes without saying that while choosing the Figma to HTML company, they must have a clear understanding of the Figma designs.

Figma is a powerful design tool that allows for intricate layouts, precise typography, and detailed user interface elements. 

Understanding Figma designs involves comprehending the design intent, user experience considerations, and interactive components.

Therefore, a company handling the conversion process must be proficient in interpreting and translating these designs accurately into HTML code.

5. Expert in HTML and CSS

When choosing the services provider, the company needs to be good at HTML and CSS. HTML is like the blueprint for websites, while CSS makes them look nice.

Being experts in these languages means they know exactly how to write code that creates great-looking and functional websites.

With this expertise, they can accurately translate Figma designs into code, ensuring the final website looks just like the original design and works perfectly.

Top 10 Figma to HTML companies to hire in 2024

1. Pixel Perfect HTML

 Pixel Perfect HTML - Figma to HTML company

Pixel Perfect HTML is a renowned Figma to HTML company, dedicated to transforming innovative designs into responsive and device-agnostic websites since its inception in 2015.

We offer great service at prices that won’t break the bank. Our team knows their stuff when it comes to converting websites that look good and work smoothly. We ensure your website can be used by anyone, no matter what device they use. 

Here’s why you should choose us:

  1. Our team provides cost-effective solutions within the deadline. 
  2. We have a standard workflow and processes in place to ensure desired results. 
  3. We ensure the website functions seamlessly on all devices. 
  4. Personalized service approach tailored to meet your specific needs

2. GetDevDone

GetDevDone - Figma to HTML company

Get Dev Done is yet another top-notch Figma to HTML conversion company on the list. They boast over 18 years of experience and a team of 100 developers.

They’ve earned a stellar reputation as one of the best web development companies globally.

Consistently ranking high on platforms like Clutch for the past four years. They are helping businesses with best-in-class Figma to HTML conversion services.

When you work with them, you’ll have a dedicated project manager assigned to your project to keep you informed about the status of your project and address any questions or concerns you may have. With GetDevDone, you can expect clear communication, reliable project management, and code that’s easy to read and maintain.

Why Choose GetDevDone? 

  1. They have a team of more than 100+ developers & designers. 
  2. Available on a variety of platforms such as Slack, Skype, email, etc for seamless communication and collaboration.
  3. High-quality well-documented results. 
  4. A dedicated project manager is available 
  5. Provides you with a precise quote & timeline 

3. Hey Reliable

Hey Reliable - Figma to HTML company

With over a decade of experience and an impressive track record of completing more than 4,000 projects, HeyReliable is a leading Figma to HTML conversion company passionate about crafting clean, modern code. At “Reliable,” they are more than just a Figma to HTML conversion company – they are trusted partners in achieving clients’ digital goals. 

HeyReliable takes quality seriously, subjecting their projects to four layers of intensive stress testing across various modern devices and browsers. This ensures that websites not only look great but also function seamlessly under different conditions.

Why Choose Hey Reliable?

  1. The team at Hey Reliable offers end-to-end assistance, troubleshooting, and guidance whenever needed.
  2. Client satisfaction is their priority. If a bug or oversight is found within 90 days of the project launch, it’s on them to promptly fix it. 
  3. Their processes seamlessly integrate with clients’ existing processes, programs, and workflows, acting as an extension of their team. 

4. Xhtmlchop

Xhtmlchop - Figma to HTML company

Xhtmlchop is the leading website development and programming company that helps businesses convert designs or sketches into functional, high-quality code. With meticulous attention to detail, the Xhtmlchop team ensures that every project is executed precisely to meet their clients’ unique business needs. 

Their team can handle projects of diverse complexity levels, whether it’s crafting a basic landing page or developing a sophisticated e-commerce platform. They turn designs into HTML code that works well on search engines, looks good on all devices, and works in different web browsers.

Why Choose Xhtmlchop?

  1. They offer a fast turnaround time for projects.
  2. Xhtmlchop provides a signed NDA agreement for confidentiality. 
  3. You can reach them for support via phone, Skype, or chat 24×5.
  4. Your project will have a dedicated manager overseeing every detail.
  5. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong.

5. FantasTech

FantasTech - Figma to HTML company

FantasTech is a Web Development Agency renowned for its specialization in Design to Code conversion projects. With a journey that began in 2012, they boast over 12 years of invaluable experience in the industry. 

By partnering with FantasTech, clients can seamlessly transform their website UI designs in Figma into meticulously hand-coded, pixel-perfect, clean, well-commented, and semantic HTML code. 

Leveraging their specialized Figma to HTML service, Fantas Tech ensures that every aspect of the design is accurately translated into functional code, to provide visually stunning and functional websites across various browsers and devices. 

Why go for FantasTech? 

  1. You will get lean, light-weight, optimized, and fast codes 
  2. Their team thoroughly tests everything and ensures end-to-end compatibility 
  3. They sign NDA as well to protect the confidentiality of the data. 
  4. Fantas Tech ensures timely delivery and world-class support, always!

6. HTML Panda

HTML Panda - Figma to HTML company

HTML Panda stands out as an experienced and reliable Figma to HTML conversion company, offering unique methodologies and quality-assured services to convert your Figma designs into stunning, well-commented, and secure websites. 

Their team of experts specializes in turning Figma designs into fully responsive HTML websites that function flawlessly across all display sizes, including desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

They prioritize website security by encrypting site data, ensuring software updates, and incorporating HTTPS and SSL certificates, among other measures. 

Why Hire HTML Panda? 

  1. Unique methodologies and quality-assured services for Figma to HTML conversion
  2. HTML Panda’s skilled team ensures that HTML5 and CSS3 markup is validated through W3C. 
  3. Years of experience in HTML coding, producing clean, well-commented, and SEO-friendly code. 
  4. Adherence to search engine guidelines and industry best practices for fast-loading websites. 

7. CSS Chopper

CSS Chopper- Figma to HTML company

CSSChopper stands out as a leading website development company, offering top-notch Figma to HTML conversion solutions to businesses across diverse industries. They have been at the forefront of leveraging advanced functionalities and technologies since 2009. They aim to create fast-loading, top-ranking, and high-performing digital products from Figma.

With a team of over 200+ professional developers, CSSChopper specializes in providing pixel-perfect PSD2HTML conversion services, ensuring that every pixel in your Figma design is accurately translated into HTML/CSS code. Additionally, they excel in creating SEO-semantic code. This gives your website a performance boost and makes it search-engine friendly. It enhances visibility on search results pages.

Why go for a CSS chopper? 

  1. Before launching, they do testing on 30+ devices to ensure the best results.
  2. CSS chopper follows the best and most structured process for quality solutions. 
  3. Their team optimizes images, CSS, HTML code, and other resources to enhance loading speed & website performance. 

8. HTMLBurger

HTMLBurger - Figma to HTML company

HTML Burger stands out as an experienced and leading Figma to HTML conversion company, dedicated to helping clients transform their Figma designs into responsive, fast, and SEO-rich websites. They have over 15 years of industry experience and a team of 100+ professionals who excel in understanding client requirements and delivering high-quality conversion solutions. 

What sets HTML Burger apart is its exceptional support throughout the project, offering assistance from start to finish, including a dedicated project manager and ongoing support post-project completion. 

Why choose HTML burger? 

  1. HTML Burger provides the best solutions at a reasonable price and within quick turnaround times. 
  2. They follow a smooth workflow to provide the desired results. 
  3. You can evaluate their work with a pilot project and then get started. 
  4. The team at HTML Burger abides by stringent processes to deliver highly secure end solutions.

9. XHTMLTeam

XHTMLTeam - Figma to HTML company

XHTMLTeam stands as the top-notch HTML conversion company, specializing in seamlessly transforming unique Figma designs into HTML and CSS while adhering to best practices.

With over 15 years of experience in Figma to HTML website conversion solutions, they prioritize delivering clean, well-structured HTML code that ensures ease of editing and bug-free functionality. 

Adhering to W3C standards guarantees clarity and effortless updates, making the code accessible to anyone with basic HTML knowledge. Additionally, the XHTML Team conducts real device testing on modern devices and browsers to ensure flawless functionality and performance. 

Why choose XHTMLTeam?

  1. They deliver clean, well-structured HTML code for ease of editing and bug-free functionality. 
  2. Adherence to W3C standards for clarity and effortless updates. 
  3. Real device testing to ensure flawless functionality and performance.
  4. Consistent adherence to best user-friendly coding practices across all projects.

 10. PSD to HTML Ninja

PSD to HTML Ninja - Figma to HTML company

PSD to HTML Ninja offers a seamless Figma to HTML conversion service backed by the latest technology and global experience in delivering quality websites within set deadlines. They guarantee highly optimized websites with perfect markup code, ensuring compatibility across various browsers, Android, and iOS platforms. 

From customizable footers to animated headers, their team of experts provides custom conversion services that specialize in creating attractive, unique, responsive, and high-speed HTML websites that resonate with your audience. They leverage modern tools and frameworks to create clean, optimized, and W3C-compliant HTML/CSS code. 

Why choose PSD over HTML Ninja?

  1. On-time delivery: They prioritize punctuality, ensuring that your project is delivered within the stipulated deadline.
  2. Robust support: Their dedicated support team is available to assist you throughout the project and beyond, ensuring a seamless experience.
  3. Clean, semantic & structured code: They adhere to best practices, delivering code that is clean, semantic, and well-structured, facilitating easy maintenance and scalability.
  4. 10+ years of experience: With over a decade of industry experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring exceptional results.
  5. A skilled team of designers and developers: Their team comprises talented designers and developers who work collaboratively to create bespoke solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring top-notch quality and innovation.

How to get started with Figma to HTML service?

1. Find a service provider and get an estimate quote

To begin with a Figma to HTML service, you need to get started by finding a reputable provider specializing in this conversion process.

Once you’ve identified potential providers, share your Figma designs and project requirements to get an estimate quote. 

After reviewing quotes from different providers, choose the one that best suits your project needs and budget. Finalize the agreement, including the scope of work, timelines, and payment terms to get started. 

2. Schedule a call for project scoping

To ensure you choose the right provider for your project, you need to schedule a call to discuss the project scope. It allows you to communicate your requirements effectively and gauge the provider’s understanding of your project needs.

During the call, you can ask questions, clarify doubts, and assess their expertise and approach to Figma to HTML conversion. This initial discussion can help you make an informed decision and select a provider that best matches your project requirements and vision.

3. Discuss the workflow & collaboration

When hiring a Figma to HTML conversion company, it’s crucial to inquire about their workflow and collaboration process to ensure a smooth and successful project experience.

Ask them about the approach and how they facilitate communication and collaboration throughout the project duration, and what channels they use to keep clients updated on progress and address any concerns or feedback. Understanding these aspects will help you gauge how well we can work together and ensure the project’s success.

4. Figma to HTML conversion

Once the workflow and collaboration process has been discussed and agreed upon, the next step is the actual Figma to HTML conversion. It involves the company taking your Figma designs and transforming them into functional HTML code.

Throughout this stage, they will meticulously translate the visual elements, layout, and functionality of your designs into clean, semantic HTML code. They will also ensure that the code is responsive, meaning it adapts smoothly to different screen sizes and devices.

5. Quality analysis and review of the code

Following the Figma to HTML conversion, the next crucial step is quality analysis and review of the code by the company. It includes a comprehensive examination of the HTML code to ensure it meets industry standards, adheres to best practices, and functions optimally across all devices. 

The company will conduct rigorous testing and perform code reviews to assess the clarity, readability, and efficiency of the code, making necessary improvements as needed.

6. Get HTML files

After the quality analysis and review of the code, the next step is getting the HTML files from your chosen company. Make sure that the format the company provides is in your desired format that can be easily integrated into your website or web application.

The company will typically provide you with access to download the HTML files, ensuring a smooth implementation and bringing your designs to life on the web.  

We hope this blog has helped you make the right decision to hire the best partner and ensure a successful conversion. 

To get started the right way, you can connect with Pixel Perfect HTML. You can request a quote by simply uploading your design files and we will get back to you with the estimated timeline it needs to be complete and the cost.

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