Our Work

  • Fonoster


    Engage with your customers with voice or messaging with a single, easy-to-use platform.

  • Routr


    Routr provides all the tools required to deploy your VoIP network, including a command-line for remote server control. It can also be controlled via a RESTful API or a web-based GUI.

  • Kmpmnn



    Get ready to own a piece of fashion history with KMPMNN clothing’s limited edition premium t-shirt. With its premium quality, ultra-rare design, and an NTF QR-code for checking its value, this t-shirt is a true collectible item. But hurry – there’s only one item available! Place your bid now and win the t-shirt, along with an NTF token of the same value and art. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

  • Pleasantly Surprised! Quick Response & Flawless Delivery I was nervous about buying from this provider, but I gave it a shot. Impressed by their quick response time and how they delivered exactly what I asked for. Quick turnaround, job done right on the first try. No need for reviews. I'll definitely be coming back for my business. Thank you!

    Pedro Sanders

  • remindly



    We all know when we miss a friend birthday, or any other presents to anyone. This concept should remind users of upcoming birthday and provide ideas for products and gift for each person automaicily.

  • prankbro



    Ah, the cast of characters that make up life’s greatest hits! From the office annoyance to the ex who still won’t go away, to the overachiever from your high school days – this list has got ’em all! And don’t forget about those nosy neighbors and the boss who always leaves the coffee pot empty. Send ’em all a message with our handy-dandy prank products!

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