Essential Tips to Improve the Performance of WordPress Website

WEB DEVELOPMENT | August 5, 2020

WordPress is one of the highly popular content management systems of recent date, and the same is used by more than 31% of the global websites online. Having a WordPress site is not enough, and you need to know the tips and tricks to improve the website performance to experience excellent traffic.


To offer the best and sophisticated user experience, the features of WordPress plays a very important role. The advanced features, plugins, and themes of WordPress make it highly beneficial for the users. WordPress can be defined as a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which is written in PHP and then paired either with a MySQL or even with the MariaDB database. This makes it easy to modify or use WordPress and one can use this system for free.

WordPress Development Service professionals help in improving the performance of any WordPress site. WordPress was mostly used to generate blogs apart from creating normal websites. But in the current, state the system evolved out to be developed on with plugins and themes. Hence users can create any type of website they like using WordPress.

Why website performance matter?

Why website performance matter

There is a huge acceptance of WordPress among the tech-lovers and today, the platform has been used to create almost 75 million websites. In recent days, every viewer expects that the web page they visit will be loaded fast and it has been noticed that users discard or leave without visiting those websites which takes a long time to load a page. Hence, the site speed constitutes an important element for the performance of every site.

Hence, we can notice an enhanced demand for WordPress among website owners. If a site cannot accomplish the requirement of the viewers and cannot maintain the site speed properly then the owner of the site will start losing traffic for the site. There is an accepted fact all over the world that users mostly abandon a page due to its slow loading time.

Research shows that websites that can load a page at a speed of 1 to 2 seconds are widely accepted than those which load their pages in 5 to 10 seconds. If the site has a slower speed then all your potential customers will not be able to find you. Google has also announced in July 2018 that the SEO ranking of a slow site will be affected adversely. Professionals also opt for PSD to WordPress Conversion to enhance the overall performance of the website.

Tips to Improve the Performance of WordPress Website

Tips to Improve Performance of WordPress Website

In today’s world, people remain so busy that if any site takes more than 4 seconds to load then most of the visitors will leave your site. Hence every site is required to be maintained properly so that it never goes slow down and loads pages faster. So, a site’s performance is dependent on speed. Well, one cannot enhance the performance of a site if he or she does not have an idea about the present metrics. Hence at first, it is necessary to measure the current metrics of your website, and depending on that you can do the improvement to the site. There are two things you should keep in mind, one is Pingdom and another is GTMetrix. These tools help to get a detailed idea about the present performance of the website. The ways that experts offer WordPress Development Service are mentioned below.

Compress and Optimize Your Images: If there is a large image file, then it will surely ruin the speed of the site. So, it is necessary to use advanced tools to make the size of the images smaller devoid of comprising the quality. At first, the images are to be optimized before these are uploaded and then use the online tool TinyPNG to upload the images. Now a plugin is required to be installed and finally, the images are to be uploaded to WordPress.

Optimize Your WordPress Databases: WordPress database can become extremely cluttered and fill with junk files that you will not need in the future. These junk files effect badly over the performance of the site. Two simple and easy plugins are WP-DB manager and another one is WP-Optimize.

Use the Power of a Caching Plugin: Caching is said to be one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of a website. A Caching Plugin always stores the versions of HTML files and these can easily be loaded anytime as soon as any viewer access the page on the website.

Remove Unused Plugins and Themes: If you have installed lots of themes that you have not used for a long time, then these should be removed at first. Similarly, unused plugins are also required to be removed to save the site from adverse effects.

Choose a Performance-Oriented Host: A shared hosting package will never make the site faster and to upgrade the site is necessary to use WordPress specific host.

Compress CSS and JS files: A browser can download a compressed file quickly and fast and this is possible by combining the CSS and JS files. A file can be compressed from 200 kb to less than 40 kb if the Gzip is used to carry on the compression process.

Summing up

Well, with the help of the above-advanced features it will be easier for you to make the site faster and enhance the performance. The faster the site more will be the views.