Top 11 WordPress Plugins for Effective Ad Management

WEB DEVELOPMENT | August 30, 2017
WordPress Plugins

Advertising campaigns are undoubtedly essential for the powerful promotion of a website. Developers not only use the WordPress plugins to add utilitarian features to WordPress websites. They can also use the WordPress plugins to create different types of advertising campaigns. The users can customize the features of these campaigns based on their necessities. It is also possible to run multiple campaigns on multiple WordPress websites with the help of affordable ad-management plugins. Each of these plugins has distinctive features and their suitability with respect to a business depends upon their unique traits.

Top 11 WordPress Plugins: For Effective Ad Management

  1. SwiftAd Plugin
  2. Taboola
  3. Advanced Ad
  4. Google AdSense
  5. WP Advertize It
  6. AdRotate
  7. BuySellAds
  8. Interstitial Ads
  9. Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More
  10. Insert Post Ads
  11. Ad Inserter

SwiftAd Plugin

  • The powerful SwiftAd plugin is functional with 0.5 or newer versions of WordPress. It can manage the inventory of ‘display ad’ through appropriate ad management, tracking and custom-rotation.
  • It is possible to display an ad separated from other contents of a website with the help of SwiftAd plugin. The users may utilize this feature to build and manage the advertising campaigns.
  • The Geotargeting allows the developers to target different regional areas through their campaigns.
  • The Date Range selector allows the users to choose a desirable ‘window of time’ for reporting. It is also possible to set the highest number of impressions using SwiftAd.
  • The Frequency Capping feature allows the users to limit the posts’ visibility on top of the feeds.
  • This plugin is accurately tracked for every impression and click. It is possible to utilize this feature to check the popularity of any post.
  • The users can measure one post’s performance against another with Split Testing feature of SwiftAd.


The Taboola is an advertising network and it has a proprietary plugin for WordPress users. This plugin is functional on WordPress version 3.0 or higher with the PHP version of a minimum of 5.2. The Taboola system will only accept a website if the owner has a Taboola account. The user only needs the publisher ID and Widget IDs available on the site thereafter. The native ads usually generate higher CTRs in comparison to traditional banners. The content-recommendation widget of Taboola can help users generate direct revenue.

Advanced Ad

The Advanced Ads is a useful free plugin from WordPress. It allows users to handle advert impressions on their websites. The updated features of this free plugin are purchasable at affordable rates.

  • Programming of the Advanced Ad plugin is compatible with a wide range of networks.
  • It is possible for the developers to create responsive placements befitting the size of mobile screens.
  • The main site informs the users regarding proper method of ‘ad code’ placement. It has a ‘list of placements’ to help the publishers increase their monthly revenue from ads.
  • This plugin has multiple display options capable of targeting content pages, post types and archive pages. They can use these options to run ads without writing a single code.

Google AdSense

The AdSense plugin from the world’s most popular search engine is an excellent solution to earn revenue.

  • The users can use this plugin to automatically insert ads into home page, custom posts, regular posts, tags, categories and widgets.
  • It is also possible to use this plugin in order to change the position of ads. The users may place the ads after the content, below the comments form or before the content.
  • This plugin also receives previous ads from a user’s Google AdSense account and displays idle ads.
  • The simple setting of this plugin and the detailed videos are extremely helpful to the users.
  • The users can automatically insert the ad units inside the search results with pro-version of AdSense plugin.
  • It is also possible to choose the Fixed and Static positions in the widget using the pro-version.

WP Advertize It

The WP Advertize It plugin can support any adblock irrespective of its size or the area of placement. The users can utilize this plugin to work with Google publisher accounts with equal efficiency.

  • They can use the plugin to build self-promo blocks and let it rotate alongside the advertising scripts.
  • The users may utilize these blocks to display the banner ads in order to promote separate projects.
  • This plugin allows the users to choose different positions for the placement of an ad inside the content.
  • The users can utilize the short-codes of WP Advertize It plugin to put the ads into a post.


The AdRotate plugin allow the users to place advertising banners anywhere on their websites. It is easier to access and control the features of the dashboard available with this plugin.

  • It is possible to run the rotation scripts across multiple networks with the help of AdRotate.
  • You will receive real-time stats regarding the acceptability of different adverts on the dashboard.
  • These data allow the users to identify the areas of a page capable of performing better than the others.
  • The interface of the AdRotate plugin flawlessly blends with the WordPress interface. The users may utilize this feature to get previews of their ads before making a final launch.


This plugin is functional only with PHP5 and allows users to effortlessly integrate the BSA Widgets, insert the BSA ad code and display RSS/mobile advertisements. The users need to have personal BSA accounts to avail it. 

Interstitial Ads

The full-page adverts appear before the main webpage and Interstitial Ads is an effective ad-manager for these ads.

  • The users can utilize this plugin to enable or disable a Timer and the Close/Skip button.
  • It is also possible to use the HTML, Flash, Videos, Images, Audios or the Embed Codes with this plugin.
  • The users also receive multilingual frontend and backend support with this useful plugin.
  • This plugin also allows the users to increase conversion rates and to maximize the revenue.

Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More

This advertising plugin lets users increase revenue through different types of useful techniques. The Instigator is the developer of this plugin. It manages the trivia questions or custom poll on the backend and it stays connected to the users’ database. This plugin can increase the user-interaction and let users gather input from the visitors regarding their experience.

Insert Post Ads

The ‘Insert Post Ads’ plugin let the users effortlessly and automatically insert ads into the WordPress sites. The post-ads increase the Google AdSense revenue and CTR for the site owners. This plugin allows the users to select the exact position for the ads to display on each post.

Ad Inserter

The advanced features of this ad-management plugin support all types of the WordPress ads. The WordPress users require no coding skill to maneuver this user-friendly plugin. The Amazon has recognized and supported this utilitarian plugin as the premium-quality ad-insertion tool.

Are you using any of the above plugin to manage your ad campaign? Share your thoughts on this or comment the names of other WordPress plugins which you are using for ad management.

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