Top 8 Must Have Magento 2 Extensions

WEB DEVELOPMENT | January 4, 2017

Magento 2 is the most updated version of the Magento – the most popular e-commerce solution that provides lots of new tools and functionalities for triggering sales and revenue that is the ultimate goal of every enterprise. Being a completely fresh and latest version, not many extensions are available for Magento 2 and very limited default features that it all contains.

Still, Magento is gaining a lot of traction across the global e-commerce world and it’s getting consolidated with the release of its updated version Magento 2. Even after having this new version of Magento you may require some added features given your business needs in the form of extensions. It may often be a daunting task for you to ascertain the right extension that you should purchase to address your e-commerce needs and which provider should you trust. How to match the quality with the price range? Here, we have listed some of the most useful and popular Magento 2 extensions that you would surely love to integrate to your online store.

1. Magento 2 Zoho CRM Integration

Magento 2 Zoho CRM extension is designed by Magenest. It is a great CRM solution, which is equipped with all latest features to propel the efficiency of your CRM system. This extension is coupled with invoice integration feature and there are much more functionalities that you can review checking out the demo in its store.

2. Magento 2 Salesforce CRM Integration

As you all know, Salesforce is a CRM extension. Salesforce is one of the most useful and popular CRM that is widely used to maintain the bonding amongst existing customers and also for new customer acquisition. This is one of the best tools to identify your customers’ requirements easily to serve them better. This CRM flawlessly import/export data and it can prove to be a great solution saving your time and energy in handling the customer database. It is equipped with automatic synchronization of customers, orders, and products data from Magento 2 website to Salesforce CRM and also has several other useful features making your e-commerce function easier and smooth.

3. One step checkout

Time is precious for you and your customers too. This is why one-step checkout function is most popular amongst online shoppers. This Magento 2 one step checkout extension will help your customers checkout easily without going through the long process of filling many details; thus also offering better shopping experience reducing abandonment of carts and finally bringing more revenue to your business.

4. Follow up Email Extension

This extension is also packed with many general yet useful features that are required by almost every ecommerce website. Following up with email has become a norm now. This will keep you connected with your customers through follow up email one of the best ways of communication. Through this extension, you can keep your customers updated about your existing products’ catalog and the future promotion plans. This Magento 2 Follow-up email extension is created to address multiple interaction objectives. You can send different messages to your customers given your business needs. You can generate confirmation letter, promotion data, order placed and cancelled etc. can keep your customers well aware of your business.

5.Related Product Manager Extension

This would ideally be your target to keep your customers engage with your website pages by helping them keep browsing your pages by displaying them more products. Integrating this extension, you can realize which products will persuade your customers to click! With this related product manager extension, you can have the perfect solution to engage your customers for more time with your online store. This extension, on the basis of the previous history of purchasing and viewing data of customers, can generate the best other associated products for up-selling and cross-selling.

6. Blog

Are you confused if you should have a blog or not being running an e-store? Of course, you should have a blog even if you are having an e-commerce website. It can consolidate your e-commerce website by offering many solutions and suggestion to your customers. Using blog you can connect with your customers to inform them about your new launch and upcoming products and offerings. You can use this extension as a mechanism to drive investors or prospective employees as well.

7. Game License Delivery 

This extension is especially useful for you if you are running an online game license outlet. You may find it tough to include and deliver PIN products. This is where this extension comes into play. Magento 2 Game Licence Delivery extension can help you add a number of PIN codes manually or through a zip file to save time and the best part is, all the PINs are encrypted making it secure. Through a customized email template you can send this PIN code to your customers. It will also reduce the task of tracking as it automatically manages PIN files, orders, products, and contents.

8. Magento 2 Event Ticket extension

This extension is targeted to those merchants who are engaged in delivering online tickets or are working as event organizer of social events, seminars, concerts, conferences. This extension can become a must have for you as it is an ideal tool to selling and organizing online event tickets. It is equipped with loads of other features also. To start with, you can create a fresh event in a few steps which will generate ticket codes automatically. You can create different ticket types and customize its separate email templates also. It is also coupled with features like a number of attendees, event reminder etc.

Hopefully, these Magento 2 Extensions would help you understand which extension you are in need of given your business nature and target audiences. So, make the best choice and integrate it to your online store to generate improved revenue.

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