How to Design Effective HTML Emails

WEB DESIGN | January 11, 2017

No business promotion is complete without email marketing campaigns nowadays. But for this, the email design has to be perfectly crafted. This type of marketing can target your prospective customers online by engineering a stunning business pitch mail for them. For this, you must go the right way to craft and design a perfect business driven email template, which can influence your clients and persuade them to contact you for a fair business deal.

For best results, you can also rely on a business email template. This is a great way to create or conceptualize a client-centric marketing email for clients at large. A well-crafted HTML email template can actually work wonders but it should have detailed information about your business and other relevant data in a well-organized style. Such professionally crafted business email templates can actually get you more business leads and influence your customers with your business and its services. The only thing you keep in mind is it should be designed impeccably and creatively with appealing facts and data to drive the attention of clients’ towards your business.

There are certain rules and tricks while designing a right email for your clients as crafting any simple email template would not leave the right impact on your clients. Of course, you need to be innovative in your conceptualization while talking about your business details. Let’s have a clear idea of those expected things your email design must have to attract your clients and engage them into your business proposal.

Don’t go beyond 600 to 650 Pixels of Email Width

Develop a client-based email template having all the required and important information about your company and the products and services but not exceeding 600 to 650 pixels of width. No client would read your email word by word. So, you must have a clear concept and design for your proposal information that you are going to integrate into your email and keep is crisp, short and clear.

Don’t forget to Align Content and Images

Unaligned images and content in your email template would cut a sorry figure of your email campaign efforts. So, never let go this email without aligning the images and content. Well-aligned email shows your professionalism and approach towards your business.

Don’t Use Large Size Images

Including images in your marketing email template can work up to a certain limit. Try to keep the size of image small that can make your email lighter and easy to load on the system. As large size images take more time to load, and clients may not have much time to wait.

Clear About Your Identity

Add the relevant detailed information of your company. Like the complete address, name, email, website, owner’s name, inception year, license number, etc.  It will give a complete understanding of your company to your client if they plan to contact your company for future business.

Be Specific and Crisp in Messaging

Be specific in designing your email template. It must not be too chaotic and funky. It should only contain right message and details of your company along with the business proposal you want to convey to your clients. You must have a clear and bold call to action for your clients to see and take action.

Avoid Using Background Images

You are sending an email, not an artistic design portfolio. So just be clear and simple. Do not overdo your email in terms of the background image. Keep it lightweight and plain. Do not set any type of patterns, classic gradients, images or anything else that would give a tough time to your clients to open. Try to use only solid-color backgrounds.

Use right Font and Bullets to Highlight Text

You must understand the significance and right use of bullets and fonts when you design a great email. You must use bullets and the right fonts at the right place. You can use arrow bullets to emphasize the details and text that you find important and noticed by the clients. These fonts may include Arial, Georgia, Times New Roman, Verdana, etc. All these strategies would help you make the right point before your clients and they would be able to easily understand a meaningful and client-focused business message.

The Magic of Animation

Do you know even after having so many limitations to your email, you can still use animation in your email? No, you do not have to use Flash and archive the Javascript snippet. You can use the animated GIF to embed a quick video in your email. You may be creative with your email header through animation and can drive the attention of your readers easily.

So, using above tricks and tools, you can create a mind blowing yet simple business email template which can be creative and unique in its design, layout, restricted word choice, presentation, etc. So, try these tricks out for your next email campaign and feel the overwhelming difference and response from your clients.

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