10 Self Improvement Areas for Web Developers in 2017

WEB DEVELOPMENT | January 18, 2017
Let's look at 10 Self Improvement Areas for Web Developers.

If you want to turn into the rock-star of website development, you have to break through the glass ceiling. It is not enough to have outstanding programming skills. You also need to stay updated on other key factors. You may avail great results through experts’ advice and cutting-edge technologies. An analytical assessment of web-development trends will help you stay on the forefront through self-improvement in 2017.

10 Self Improvement Areas for Web Developers

  1. Understand Ruby on Rails 5
  2. Connect with Angular 2 Bootcamp
  3. Create more Efficient Design and Development
  4. Master Cloud Based IDEs
  5. Getting Started with GraphQL
  6. Getting Comfortable with VR
  7. Functional Development
  8. Learn Data Mining
  9. Understand Business Skills
  10. Building APPS for IOT

1. Understand Ruby on Rails 5

The Rails 5.0 unveiled itself after four Betas and six months of polish. The year 2017 will witness the rise of this Ruby-based server-side web application framework. Its new features will help you make improved alterations to development workflow.

You may handle WebSockets in Rails through its latest ActionCable framework. This framework will also make it easier for you to create notifications. You will no longer need the assistance of JavaScript frameworks during the creation of applications. You may create them straight from the stack of Rails through its Turbolinks 5. If you are working with JSON, the Rails_api will let you create a slimmer configuration.

2. Connect with Angular 2 Bootcamp

The JavaScript framework of Google has already integrated with JavaScript ES6 elements. This improvement is supposed to turn Angular 2 into an invaluable component for web-development. As a web-developer, you will be comfortable using Angular 2 due to its churn-reducing feature. The complexities of Angular framework may seem like a hindrance. The learned developers of Bootcamp for Angular 2 will teach you to overcome any complexity, efficiently. They will also teach you the methods of creating functional apps with Angular 2.

3. Create more Efficient Design and Development

If you participate into the tug of war between designing and development, you will need to end this soft conflict in 2017. Your teamwork with web-designers may help you make dynamic creations. This alliance will help turn prototypes into elegant codes. It is also necessary to collaborate up with the designers during client communications. This partnership will bring agility into your work with the use of new tools and collaborative efforts.

4. Master Cloud Based IDEs

The Cloud IDEs are going to rule the arena of website development in 2017. This programming environment has a compiler, code editor, debugger, and graphical user interface builder. You may use these Cloud-based integrated development platforms to create Cloud apps. These IDEs will also let you access your work from anywhere. There are different types of cloud-based IDEs available. It is necessary to select an IDE based on the level of your skills and your requirements. The Codenvy and Cloud9 have gathered the majority of accolades to date.

5. Getting Started with GraphQL

The GraphQL is a query language. It helps to answer your API query. You may send a GraphQL query to your API. You will acquire the exact answer to your question without any abundant data. Its simplistic approach to queries is likely going to increase its popularity in 2017. If you are using REST, you will need multiple endpoints to link up with the remote system. The structure of GraphQL data is not hardcoded. This feature will let you retrieve data efficiently from the server.

6. Getting Comfortable with VR

The Virtual Reality is no longer the future of IT. It has declared its presence and is going to rule the web-world in 2017. It is supposed to declare its dominance on both the gaming and non-gaming apps. The Google has started modifying an API for VR transition. It is necessary for the web developers to gain awareness about the progression of this technology. You may benefit from familiarizing with Stereoscopic features and GPUs. Checking out the VR-related blogs may also become useful.

7. Functional Development

In 2017, there is possibility of functional programming to turn into a common pattern for web-development. The complications of web applications have increased its importance. The combination of React and Redux has been found to be useful for novices. If you are new to this arena, you may use this combination to familiarize with the concept of functionality. If you have learned the ropes of functionality, you may accept the challenges of RxJS.

8. Learn Data Mining

The data controls the flow of a program instead of the program-logic in data-driven programming. This type of programming is used in automation and ‘intelligent’ apps. In 2017, you have to make efficient and comprehensible uses of Big Data. The Big Data is going to become an integral part of web development in 2017. The websites contain large chunks of data these days. The primary need of a website is going to be organized data storage. It is necessary to keep this point in mind during web development and write code accordingly.

9. Understand Business Skills

If you are working as a freelance web-developer, you need to understand the basics of business principles. It is necessary to market your skills, manage finances and juggle projects in between the development of websites. If you are feeling baffled by these tasks, you will need the assistance of a pro. You may learn the ropes through Lynda of LinkedIn.

10. Building APPS for IOT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for everyday products to interact with the external environment via the Internet. In 2017, you may need to develop highly efficient codes to satisfy multiple needs of IoT. You must learn proper management of IoT designs and troubleshooting of IoT security.

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