HTTPS is required for WordPress websites in 2017

WEB DEVELOPMENT | January 25, 2017
HTTPS is required for WordPress websites

The use of JavaScript has turned the experiences of users smooth. The latest version of PHP has enhanced the data-collection process along with many other tasks. Now, SSL is mandatory to enhance security. The WordPress is supposed to turn HTTPS mandatory for any WordPress website. This recent announcement has caused a stir amongst its hosts. This necessity may feel like an impediment to the webmasters and users. They have no choice but to abide by this rule, if they want to enjoy the service of WordPress.

HTTPS is required for WordPress websites

  1. Security Enhanced – Better Encryption
  2. Authentication
  3. Phishing Prevention
  4. Ranking Factor
  5. Planned Measures
  6. Effortless Incorporation

Security Enhanced – Better Encryption

The SSL is supposed to take the measures of data security up a few notches. It will keep the link between your browser and server encrypted. These encryptions will help you browse safely on the Internet. The intended recipient can only understand the sensitive information sent by you. Your sensitive information may bounce from one computer to another before reaching the final destination. The presence of SSL certificate will prevent unworthy recipients from observing important data.


The SSL certificates will also help you authenticate the identity of servers. If your server has SSL certificate, it will present you with the label of reliability. In the presence of this certificate, no one will be able to falsify the identity of your website.

Phishing Prevention

This protocol will also protect your website against phishing attacks. This protection is vital if you are the owner of a commercial website. An imposter may send a phishing email to your client/customer, pretending to be you. He/she will direct the recipient of the email to his/her website through an embedded link. He/she may even use your domain name. The sensitive information acquired from your clients/customers will not only hurt them. It will also soil your reputation. Your clients/customers will hold you responsible for their losses.

The SSL providers will gift your website with a Trust Seal. The presence of this seal will prevent your clients/customers from falling prey to the tricks of imposters.

Ranking Factor

If you think incorporating HTTPS is going to present you only with better security, you have been misguided. The Google has already declared this secure protocol to be an influential factor in ranking. It was becoming hard for Google to pinpoint the authentic sites amidst millions of counterfeits. The HTTPS comes with SSL certificates. These certificates present authentication to websites.

In simpler terms, the websites with SSL certificates are legit to Google. The presence of SSL has made it easier for Google to maintain the rank of the websites based on their authenticity. You may soon find a drastic drop in your ranking if your website has not yet incorporated HTTPS. If the security factor was not enough to make you shift toward this protocol, ranking factor will definitely motivate you toward it.

Planned Measures

The first half of 2017 is going to witness the promotion of hosting partners. These hosting partners will provide by-default SSL certificate to all the users through their accounts. The WordPress will begin an assessment process after this promotion. This assessment will help them figure out the features that will mostly benefit through SSL. The users will only be able to avail these features in the presence of SSL after the completion of this analysis.

These strict measures will undoubtedly increase the demand of HTTPS in the future market. You may witness the number of WordPress sites running on HTTPS to increase exponentially in 2017. You may also expect many other organizations of the web-world to move in favor of HTTPS due to the enhanced security of SSL.

Effortless Incorporation

The HTTPS used to carry the reputation of being an expensive protocol. The positive reputation of HTTPS may not motivate you toward upgrading your system to this protocol due to this feature. Its process also seemed complicated even to the tech-savvy individuals. It has undergone many reformations since its early days. The latest version of HTTPS has become user-friendly due to technological advancements. A single click may secure your website with HTTPS status.

The WordPress may not have fully disclosed its plans regarding HTTPS. One thing is certain. If you are planning not to incorporate HTTPS, you are going to lag behind by several miles in 2017.