List of Drupal Modules for E-Commerce Website

WEB DEVELOPMENT | February 22, 2017
List of Drupal Modules

If you need to maintain pace with the changing face of E-Commerce, you need the help of Drupal. Its functionalities have turned it into the most comprehensive Content Management System. You may create simple-to-advance websites, discussion boards, networking pages and blogs with Drupal. You may also use this CMS to set up an e-commerce site. In this task, you are going to require the assistance of some essential modules.

List of Drupal Modules for E-Commerce Website

  1. Drupal Commerce
  2. Ubercart
  3. Amazon Store
  4. E-Commerce Invoice
  5. Barcode
  6. UC Upsell
  7. Currency Exchange
  8. Wazala
  9. Affiliate Store
  10. AdSense
  11. Ubercart Discount Coupons
  12. UC Recurring Payments and Subscriptions

Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is the choicest option for advance developers. This module is extremely flexible. The customizable and extensible features of this module will keep your websites updated. You can create different types of product categories with this module. It will also let you efficiently manage the orders and payment procedures. If you need to build unique websites from scratch, you will need the assistance of this Drupal module.


This module will help you collect essential plug-ins. It is a must-have module for all Drupal users. The laudable features you will avail on this module are beyond compare. You can use the customizable features of this user-friendly module to configure an e-commerce site as per your likings.

This module will not only let you create interactive catalogues or product listings for your E-Commerce site. It will also help you process payments and client orders efficiently. It will keep track of your stock and will automatically classify and organize all of your products.

Amazon Store

Do you think Amazon is an excellent merchandizing platform? Then you will need this module. This module is also essential for novice Drupal users due to its user-friendly features. You may easily install and activate this module, but will need an Associate ID from Amazon.

You can use its tools to build numerous product pages for your online store. This simplest module will become your best friend if you need gainful commissions through quick selling.

E-Commerce Invoice

This module will help you generate numerous invoices with customized designs, if necessary. It is easy to handle. You may also use this module to email invoices directly to your clients. If you combine it with Pathauto module, you will witness automatic generation of invoice titles.


The name of this module already hints about its usage. It will help you generate barcodes for your E-Commerce site. You need Drupal’s Content Construction Kit for this module to function. The CCK will provide a simple UI during the addition of any new ‘field’. This module will automatically generate ‘Barcode’ in text-based or image-based formats. You may even create a Barcode containing QR codes with its help. It supports UPCs, EANs, ISBNs and many others.

UC Upsell

If you have used Ubercart to start your online business, you will need this module to increase profit. As a seller the Upselling strategy will help, you influence a customer in purchasing more expensive items or accessories. The UC Upsell will let you implement this strategy effectively. You can display numerous products at a time with the help of this module. It assesses the choices of the users and creates a list of common products based on the result. The simultaneous presentation of numerous products will certainly increase your sale.

Currency Exchange

An E-Commerce site gives you the opportunity to conduct your business beyond the national borders. This is the main advantage of Internet merchandizing. This module will let you satisfy the queries of your international customers regarding the current exchange rates. Your potential customers can quickly assess their expenditures with the help of this plug-in.

This additional feature will turn your website friendlier to the visitors and help you turn them into your customers. This module will even let you customize the design of the display in accordance to the looks of your website.


This module will help you integrate various commercial features into one place. It will launch an application into the ‘Store’ button and your e-commerce site will display this button. You may need to perform digital downloads, sell goods, manage inventories and open gateways for online payments. This button will let you perform these tasks with just one click.

Affiliate Store

Your e-commerce site may experience increased sale or traffic due to the referral of an external website. This type of marketing arrangement is known as ‘Affiliate Marketing’. The ‘Affiliate Store’ is the best module for any Drupal-based commercial website practicing this marketing strategy.

The helpful features of this module will let you expedite the monotonous marketing campaigns. This module will also let you create payment gateways with the addition of EarnHighWay to your commercial site. This integration will also let you efficiently select products and create suitable pages.


Google AdSense will be your best friend if you need to generate revenue through your E-Commerce site. You may relax and let this module do the tasks. This module will let you profit through the online traffic to your site. It will not only help you structure, configure and administer the AdSense advertising. It will also let you monitor the details of your site traffic and revenue.

Ubercart Discount Coupons

This module will let your users apply for discount coupons through your Ubercart store. If your customers need to enter coupon codes, they will have access to a checkout pane, a cart pane and a block. The customers may enable or disable these items separately. You may use this module to display the discounts on the checkout page or as an item in the cart.

This module will let you configure the coupons based on certain product categories or other features. You may also create bulk coupons with randomized codes and let this module distribute them on an as-needed basis.

UC Recurring Payments and Subscriptions

The Recurring Fees module is the core module for Ubercart. It is not impossible for the customers to pay via credit cards. This module will let you associate recurring fees with purchased products during card-based transactions.

You may treat a recurring-fee as a new order with its help. This module will also let you create unlimited renewals. It automatically sends emails during failed renewals and supports various payment methods.