Reasons to Choose Drupal for E-Commerce Website

WEB DEVELOPMENT | February 15, 2017
Reasons to Choose Drupal for E-Commerce Website

The web-architects have to include several features during the creation of an e-commerce site. They are always in search of cutting-edge technologies to add more practicality to commercial websites. Their aim is to build fully customizable and robust ecommerce platforms. They will need Content Management Systems to include a whole host of features and functions to your e-commerce site. Some of those CMS are free for the use of webmasters in spite of their advance technical features. Drupal has been considered the finest amongst the other open-source platforms due to its versatility. Its advance features will let developers create aesthetically satisfactory and productive e-commerce site for your use.

Reasons to Choose Drupal for E-Commerce Website

  1. Adaptability
  2. Versatility
  3. Focusing
  4. Leading Modules
  5. SEO Superiority
  6. CRO & Analytics
  7. Bulk Role Management
  8. Integration
  9. Gadget Friendly
  10. OMTs
  11. WYSIWYG Editing


Do you want your ecommerce site to look rigid or adaptable to the ever-changing needs of current market? The rigidly structured commercial websites lack the ability to address the needs of current market. You cannot satisfy all the needs of your customers through structurally rigid websites. Drupal’s CMS will let you fulfill your commercial demands seamlessly.

Your viewers will expect certain practical features from professional E-Commerce sites. You can add these features through Drupal’s Content Management System. You will have the freedom of choosing multiple payment modes. You may also perform thousands of flawless transactions on your E-Commerce site. It will even let you build numerous payment-gateways based on your requirements.


If you are looking forward to global expansion, Drupal will help you build numerous price-slabs. This facility will help you acquire clients from all over the world. You will be able to set different price-slabs based on distinctive categories. You may set these categories based on product weight, customers’ location, type of packing and many other options.


If you need to center the customers’ attentions onto certain products, Drupal will be your best friend. You may highlight the in-demand products. The customers usually react strongly to the highlighted items. The upselling strategy is also popular in today’s marketing arena. If you practice this strategy, you may use highlighting to drive your customers towards pricier items. Drupal will let you perform these tasks and increase your profit in short time.

Leading Modules

Drupal has a modular framework with open-source web content management system. It contains some core modules. You can enjoy the basic functionalities of these modules with Drupal. The ‘Secure Pages’ is one of these modules. It ensures that your web-server is SSL enabled. It also ensures that the Drupal has necessary configuration to support SSL access.

You will also avail twenty-nine thousand other modules and two helpful themes with Drupal. You may use these modules to enhance the performance of your website and let you design unique templates. These useful modules are available free of any cost. Drupal Community has also made its premium-quality plug-ins available gratuitously for its users.

SEO Superiority

The major search engines of these days, such as Yahoo, Bing and Google, emphasize more on contents. They prefer unique, attractive and superior-quality subjects. Drupal will help you optimize your website’s position on any search engine.

It has several SEO Modules such as Pathauto, Page Title, XML Sitemap and Sitemap. These modules will help you make the web-content visible in a search-engine friendly manner. You may also add features, such as product reviews, blogs, articles and forums, easily on your e-commerce sites with Drupal.

CRO & Analytics

The Conversion Rate Optimization is a system that utilizes analytics and feedbacks to improve your website’s performance. Drupal only works on single system. Hence, it is easy to control its CRO and analytics.

You may also connect and map the attitudes and attributes of your customers through various data sources and online applications. This process is known as Customer Journey Optimization. The CJO will help you strengthen your relationship with the customers and Drupal will simplify this task with one journey.

Bulk Role Management

If you are having trouble managing several Organic Groups, Drupal will present simpler management solution to you. The Bulk Role Management system of Drupal will let a site administrator manage large role-tables. You may use Drupal’s BRM to create and set permissions for numerous roles/groups.

You may even use BRM to control the features available to the customers. Its attractive community features will let you bring innumerable customers into your loop and help you keep them engaged. It will increase your customer value and let you perform repeat sales for as long as you want.


You may need to use several external systems to improve the functionalities of your e-commerce site. You may perform this task efficiently through Drupal’s complementing and extending functionalities. You will need RESTful API to integrate this platform with numerous external systems. This useful feature will let you import contents from other websites effortlessly.

Drupal is not the only provider of glitch-free integration. You may also avail this facility through Drupal Commerce. You will need a third-party system for this feature to function on this platform.

Gadget Friendly

Your customers will not log into your e-commerce site only through desktops/laptops. These days, customers prefer Smartphones to surf Internet. Hence, you will benefit through mobile compatible websites. The webmasters can use Drupal Commerce to build a mobile-friendly e-commercial site for you.

Your potential customers can view this website as easily on their Smartphones or iPads as on desktops/laptops. This contemporizing feature will let you stay on the top of the commercial chain.


The Order Management Tools are crucial components of Drupal Commerce. These are administrative toolset. You may use OMTs to scan, manage and update your orders in an organized fashion. You may also use this toolset to send updated notifications through your website.


If you want your e-commerce business to succeed, you will need the help of WYSIWYG Editor. This system will make the visual/textual contents of your website look almost identical to the actual product. You will need to change the setting of this editorial manager. You may use this edited version to represent the contacts and payment settings of your online store.

The cutting-edge functionalities of Drupal put it ahead of the entire commercial website development platforms. Its modules and plug-ins are available gratuitously. The web-developers may use these features to build unique and functional e-commerce sites for you at economic rates.

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