How to Get Latest News and Updates About Drupal

WEB DEVELOPMENT | March 1, 2017
How to Get Latest News and Updates About Drupal

The Drupal developers firmly believe that rolling stones gather no mosses. Things move faster in the world of this open-source software that comes with a CMS and development framework. If you are unaware of this fact, you may miss the latest updates available with this CMS. It will become hard for you to track the latest actions. Some sources will prevent you from missing these necessary updates. These channels will keep you up-to-date on the development of latest tools and methods in the world of Drupal.

How to Get Latest News and Updates About Drupal

  1. Weekly Drops
  2. Security Newsletter
  3. Drupal Planet
  4. Drupal Facebook Page
  5. Notifications
  6. Community Initiatives
  8. @Drupal Twitter
  9. Google Alerts

Weekly Drops

This newsletter helps you track the weekly updates on Drupal System and Community. Bob Kepford is the keeper of the best articles and events on Drupal. If you subscribe to, you will start receiving useful articles through weekly emails. You need not spend an entire day reading the extensive blogs. Any worthy update on Drupal will reach you through your email in forms of riveting articles.

Security Newsletter

If you are always on your toes about the security of your website, you will fall in love with this page. You can subscribe to this newsletter through your Drupal user-account. You can access ‘My Newsletter’ through the ‘Edit’ section present within the ‘Profile’ of

This newsletter will inform you about any security updates happening within Drupal. If you are implementing a new module, you may check this newsletter for latest security announcements. This newsletter will keep you informed about latest vulnerabilities to your website’s security. This information will prevent your website against cyber-attack.

Drupal Planet

If you are not satisfied with weekly newsletters, Drupal Planet will be your ultimate destination. You will not only receive news updates on this platform. You can also read tutorial blogs here. If you are a Webmaster, you will find the explanatory and engaging blogs to be professionally helpful.

You will need the assistance of Drupal Sun to browse its Planet successful. Drupal Sun is the creation of Evolving Web. The volume of posted blogs on Planet may overwhelm you. If you are unable to read the blogs daily, you are guaranteed to miss some interesting blogs by the weekends.

Drupal Facebook Page

Every organization has at least one authentic Facebook page and Drupal Community is no exception. The Drupal Association manages its official Facebook page. This association handpicks some interesting topics related to Drupal for its patrons. If you like the Facebook page of Drupal, you also will have the chance of reading these interesting topics. You may also share these topics amongst your tech-savvy friends and help them stay updated.


If you are following a specific project on Drupal, notification is the best way for you to stay updated. You will again need to enter the ‘Profile’ section to access and activate the ‘Notification’ button. You also need to activate the ‘Follow’ button to stay updated about the key issues. You only need to specify the name of the chosen projects to avail notifications. This platform will even let you customize your search based on the body of the content.

Community Initiatives

If you need to learn about the official initiatives on Drupal 8, you need to log into Drupal 8.0.0 Get Involved page. On this page, you will see a list of important issues that require instant attention. You need to select an area of interest to observe any initiative related to your selected field. On this platform, you will also learn about previous Drupal initiatives.

This platform is the most sought-after place for Drupal users. You can use your personal account in to log into various other Drupal platforms. Drupal Groups is one of these platforms.

You will become a part of Drupal Community after logging into this platform. This is the place for Drupal users to organize and plan for the perfect execution of various projects. You may also use this platform to plan meet-ups with local users and expedite the process of knowledge sharing.

@Drupal Twitter

If you do not have the time to check Drupal Planet regularly, Twitter will keep you updated about latest posts. Drupal Association maintains its official Twitter site as @drupalplanet. You can learn about newly shared blogs through this tweeting platform. If you find anything interesting, you may later log into Drupal Planet to read the article in details.

Google Alerts

Google’s versatility has turned it into the leader of all Search Engines. You can receive customized notifications through Google Alerts. You simply need to mention the field of your interest and Google will send necessary notifications. This is an easy way to receive any update pertaining to Drupal.

On this website, you will not only find blogs related to updates or changes in the Drupal system. You will also find useful guidance through the latest tutorial blogs posted on Acquia.

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