5 Reasons to Convert HTML Website into WordPress Theme

WEB DEVELOPMENT | March 15, 2017
5 Reasons to Convert HTML Website into WordPress Theme

Website designs containing HTML static codes are no longer a viable option. Today, PSD to HTML, HTML to WordPress are the popular methods of coding a website. Earlier, HTML framework coded scripts and styles that was the norm for HTML websites. This led to a slowing down of the websites. Loading of same codes on every page decreases the site speed, further. For resolving such issues, web developers have today created innovative PSD to WordPress conversion methods.

There are multiple benefits of converting HTML to WordPress sites. Besides working as the perfect platform to write blogs, it also helps in perfect site creation, which makes switching to this platform a smart choice. Here, below are five major reasons to make the shift today.

5 Reasons to Convert HTML Website into WordPress Theme

  1. Dynamic CMS
  2. Simplicity of Working
  3. SEO-Friendly
  4. Vast Developer Community
  5. Choose any Design to Customize

Dynamic CMS

HTML website is old school. It contains static design, multiple pages, and several coding in multiple lines. Each site page complements single HTML file. These contain same design and layout. Creating the regular WordPress site pages is extremely easy. Additionally, website owner can manage and update it effortlessly, as well. Subsequently, developers prefer this to the static HTML sites. WordPress was originally developed for publishing content. Today, with new embedded functionalities makes it dynamic.

Simplicity of Working

Availability of 24/7 vibrant communities associated with WordPress makes it simple to work with at all levels. This works as a unique CMS with multiple themes and plug-ins. This increases its usability factor significantly. Web development using this platform is easier in comparison to others. Themes offer definitive look for plug-ins and websites. One can also use them to add definite site features. Because of this, PSD to WordPress theme conversion is so popular. Easy coding of WordPress does away with the traditional technicalities. For this reason, beginners seem to prefer WordPress to HTML.


The overall structure of WordPress is for embracing the search engines. Consequently, this platform can be easily search engine optimized. Exceptional features guide the search engines across different posts, categories and pages. Ultimately, it facilitates site crawling. As a result, the search engines will be able to gather relevant information and show them up in user queries. Now the search engines will be able to use definite sites within their databases. Make the most of security features with site optimization based upon SEO guidelines. It is also easier to rank WordPress sites higher in search engine queries. It becomes still friendlier because of outstanding plug-ins.

Vast Developer Community

When you use WordPress, you automatically become a part of a big community of developers. These people support each other and there is a great exchange of ideas through online forums. This vibrant community takes proactive steps to support beginners. Being open source every user will be able to contribute something to WordPress making it better and bug free. Availability of new updates keeps the platform happening at all times. No wonder the CMS is growing every day.

Choose any Design to Customize

Few other platforms will give you as much freedom as WordPress to customize based on any design of your choice. Just choose any related theme to achieve the results you want. Theme customization in the beginning will appear extremely complicated. However, it is anything but Convert PSD to WordPress theme to enjoy the associated flexibility. You can achieve effective website branding with this shift. What are your business preferences? Now you can create websites depending upon this factor. What is more, you can also modify both the function and appearance of your site. For themes, the choices are galore. One can go for the free varieties or even premium ones based upon the need.

Now, finally when you have decided to go for the conversion which method was the best? In spite of all the developments available in the converted tools, manual coding is still the safest bet. The myriad benefits of the WordPress site are yours to have once you convert to its dynamic possibilities. For many businesses, it will prove to be the best solution. This will allow it to grow full-fledged on the web irrespective of the niche and available competition.

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