What Makes HubSpot Stand Out As A Unique Email Template Design Solution?

HubSpot | May 24, 2021

Email Marketing with HubSpot

For tuning in email marketing, taking the help of an email marketing provider is a good idea. HubSpot’s email marketing tool will help you to create, optimize and personalize the marketing emails. The look and feel will be professional and you will not have to take the help of designers or IT professionals to achieve that. HubSpot is equipped with a range of features that will enable one to make email marketing campaigns and therefore support the marketing targets of a company. One can also share data about the success of the email campaign with their teammates. 

Inbuilt Email templates in HubSpot

HubSpot is equipped and designed with a great number of in-built templates that will suit the needs of the different kinds of customers. One can even make their templates depending on their unique needs. 

With the help of these inbuilt templates, you will be able to bag deals by sharing the best email templates with the team. You will be also able to see the templates that have been opened, sent and the ones that have got the most engagement. You can give your team members access to the templates in their inboxes. This will ensure that all the teammates can make use of the amazing templates for marketing.

Drag & Drop personalization for template creation

The drag and drop templates were made for those users who had less technical knowledge. This allows a user to make a website easily on the HubSpot CMS. The sites made with this template are very responsive. The recommended technique of editing the templates made by Drag and drop personalization is by the Design Manager Interface. If an individual wants to use the code, or want to edit using local tools, then HTML and HubL coded templates are the best ones for the developers. This provides a great experience for the content creators who will be using HubSpot.

Mobile device friendly & responsive template

Mobile optimization has become very important in recent times. This is because more customers are now accessing the sites using different mobile devices. Hence mobile optimization is more than having a responsive design for the website. The customers now want to fulfill all their wishes with the mobile devices that they have in their hands. 

At HubSpot, they understand that a visitor will not fill up a long-form on the landing pages. They have devised Smart Content for shortening the forms when a person is seeing it from the mobile. By doing this, the prospects of mobile viewers have increased considerably.

Tabular and grid structure

The drag and drop areas in HubSpot help the developers for creating different sections of the pages. It also helps in supporting the layout, style, and changes in content with the content editors. 

This is based on the 12 columns responsive grid system. The drag and drop tags help in giving designated names to the columns and the rows in this platform. An individual is responsible for adding a style sheet for targeting the class names. With the help of the tabular and grid structure, you will be able to make the email template design solution different. 

Rich media for inbuilt templates, add on and media

With the help of the inbuilt templates available on HubSpot, you will be able to make the email design stand out. The HubSpot CMS allows marketers to make different kinds of content. The user interface varies depending on the content. This has to be known by the marketer. The HubSpot custom email tool has been made on the same platform as the CMS. Hence the templates can be included in the emails for giving a distinctive look to them. However, the emails that have been designed with drag and drop emails will not be able to make use of the customized templates of the platform. 

HubSpot email templates are available both in paid and free formats. Depending on your requirements, you will have to select the ones that will be helpful for you. The wide range of features that HubSpot’s email templates offer is very helpful for marketers. Think about whom you want to reach and target, the features that HubSpot offers, and then make use of the email templates accordingly. This will enable you to get the most benefits by using this platform. 

Therefore, use HubSpot in an organized manner so that you can reap the maximum benefits from it.