How to revolutionize your email marketing strategy with HubSpot?


HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot has been gaining popularity since its inception as a great inbound marketing software. It has great benefits like amazing and responsive templates, different modules, amazing integration facility, ROI reporting, and so on. This platform is currently being used by more than 64000 companies all over the world. The wide range of features available with this platform is of much use for marketers and other users. The fact that so many companies use this platform shows the growing importance of the platform among the users. 

Apart from this, another interesting feature of this platform is the HubSpot Email Marketing solution. Email marketing has become important in recent times. Marketers have been using this technique for reaching out to the target customers and also for tapping potential customers for their companies. With this platform, you will be able to personalize the emails for getting more clicks, optimize the different email campaigns with analytics and also design amazing emails for marketing purposes.

In this article, we will like to throw light on how you can revolutionize the email marketing strategy of a company by using HubSpot. Having comprehensive knowledge will enable you to make use of the templates in HubSpot. 

Advance Email marketing features of HubSpot

Email marketing with HubSpot is immensely helpful for marketers. Some of the advanced email marketing features of HubSpot are mentioned below:

  • HubSpot has ad managing features
  • One can make use of the live chatbot for connecting with the visitors in real-time
  • Email marketing and tracking are present for blast emails
  • One can get new leads from forms and landing pages
  • There is a library of templates for emails that will meet the needs of the customers
  • Real-time email metrics are available like open rates and click-through rates
  •  Workflows and triggers

    For any email marketing tool, the main ability is in the process of automating the contact process with an individual. HubSpot achieves this by making use of the workflows. This is a set of marketing activities that are executed based on a starting condition. 

    Workflows reduce the manual labor with the emails. The marketers prepare a lift of the conditions and the enrolment triggers. Once a customer meets the trigger, an email will be sent to the customer.

    There are three types of HubSpot workflows. One is to start from scratch, the second is to center on a date and the third center on a date property. These three kinds of workflows can be made use of by the marketers for their different email campaigns for reaching out to the target customers.

    The kind of workflow that you will select will depend on the aim of the campaigns. One can use HubSpot for triggering an email after a form has been submitted. One can send emails on the birthdays or anniversaries of the customers with amazing offers, send emails with tips or even send reminder emails when important dates are coming up.

    The other kinds of triggers are social media mentions, page views, and so on.

    Hyper personalization with HubSpot Email Marketing

    Personalization is the best way for improving the open rate odds. A majority of the marketers believe that personalization helps in increasing the engagement of the customers and the personalized subject lines in emails have more chances of getting opened.

    HubSpot offers an option of including in the email a personalization token. This works with the email list and looks in the contact history of all individuals who have got your mails. One will add it as you go on to upload and edit the email.

    With the help of the information in the contact records, you will be able to target and personalize based on subject lines, content, and links and even call to action.

    The platform has a Make Smart button. This comes as a link when you make an email. This helps you to make rules for the emails.

    Lead handling with HubSpot

    HubSpot is equipped with lead capturing techniques. Hence, you will not have to do the lead capturing on your own. Some of these lead capturing techniques are free. For using the free marketing tools, toys need to install their tracking code. After this, you will be able to use the pop-up forms that will overlay on your website when a visitor will visit it.

    This helps to collect email addresses and contact details of the visitors in return for a blog subscription or free download purposes. When the contact will give the information, the platform will start gathering more data about the visitors like their work, website pages they visit, or their social media profiles. This will not only give you information but also ample opportunity too. 

    In-depth Analytics

    Analytics is very important and HubSpot understands this very well. Hence, it has no shortage of analytics. The email dashboard contains specific analytics about your emails. When you will be checking the dashboard, you will get to see a list of the emails and their open rate percentage. For getting more details, one can click on the Analyze tab. 

    You can segregate the data based on the type of emails, time, and campaign. You will also be shown the delivery rate, click rate, open rate, and percentage of the contacts that you might have lost. Separate tabs like click rate, the delivery rate will help you to understand which emails performed the best.

    Email marketing has gained much importance in recent times among marketers all over the world. To help one with this marketing, one can take the help of the platform, HubSpot and they will be able to bring in a whole lot of changes to the email marketing strategy for sure. Depending on the way you want to target your customers, you can utilize the different options available with HubSpot. That will not only help you to generate leads but also gain loyal customers for your company or brand.

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