Why is HubSpot a one-stop solution for managing your website?

WEB DESIGN | May 3, 2021

HubSpot is a platform for sales and inbound marketing. This is helpful for the organizations for attracting target customers, converting the leads, and increasing the revenue of the company. This is accomplished by using functionality and by allowing the sales and marketing teams to manage all the work in one place. These consist of sharing on social media, lead capture, creating new content, customer relation management, workflow automation, and so on. This enables the companies to be better at handling sales and marketing activities. The leads can be taken care of by tracking the buyer’s purchasing process. All the process happens in a single place and there is no misinformation.

What is HubSpot COS?

Are you running a company with fewer staff and your employees are overworking themselves? Then there is a process to make their lives comfortable. This can be achieved with the HubSpot Content Optimization System or COS.

This is not the ordinary CMS that you know about. This has all the inbound marketing functions under one head. This includes making plans, implementing them, and also analyzing the outcomes. With the help of HubSpot COS, you will not have to go to places to search for a tool to complete a marketing job like analytics. This is found in HubSpot itself. This has made HubSpot popular with organizations due to its amazing capabilities. 

Advantages of choosing HubSpot

There are multiple benefits of choosing HubSpot for your organization. We have listed some of the important benefits that one can derive from HubSpot.

  • This is an all-in-one product. You get all the tools of inbound marketing in a single place. It has blogging, analytics, nurturing leads, and so on.
  • No inbound marketing strategy is complete without social media. Without good engagement and posting of content, social media will not give you good results. HubSpot has a social media calendar and a scheduling method that helps with visibility. This makes using social media very easy.
  • HubSpot comes with processes that help in generating leads, nurturing them, tracking, and converting them. With the help of this, you will be able to know when the visitors are coming, how long they are staying, which search engine they used, and other such details.
  • HubSpot helps one to track important keywords that help to improve the ranking of the site.
  • For adding or making changes to the website, HubSpot is an ideal option. You can do the edits on your own and you do not need to hire professionals for the job. You can even convert your psd to hubspot format.
  • The integrated CRM helps in bettering customer relationship management.

Simplicity in website management

The first thing that often catches the eyes of the users using HubSpot is that one can make web pages easily with this. The platform comes with a simple visual page designer. This helps to create basic websites very easily. You do not need to have coding skills for this work. Simply use the drag and drop page functions, arrange them according to your needs, then add the fonts and colors to get the web page of your style.

There are ready-made templates available on this platform too. They are free and also commercial. One can get about 5900 templates from the official site. This is impressive and one can select the one that suits their needs the most.

The templates are user-friendly and responsive and will help design your blog, newsletters, and emails. 

With HubSpot, managing the website is very simple. You can get all the functions in one place and as per your needs use them for your site. You do not need a professional for this job. Creating the website is easy with this platform and so is managing the website. You can edit and create more web pages as per your requirements. 

Modular website designing

With the help of HubSpot COS, you will be able to add different modules to the templates for making them functional. For example, one can have a counter module for displaying the achievements of the business over some time.

HubSpot COS provides different modules for the users:

  • The default module can be found inside the HubSpot designer tool. One can edit in the inspector the colors and the fonts. The modules can be easily customized. However, they are similar in their looks. This is not ideal for the businesses that want to make them look different from their competitors.
  • There is a special module available with HubSpot. This is for system templates like error pages, subscription updating pages, or search results pages. 
  • The custom module is the most important type. This can give a distinctive and unique look to a template and function it in the way your business requires. For creating a custom module, an individual needs to have an understanding of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The custom module creating individuals must also be able to use HubSpot’s language HubL. 
  • There are different custom modules for different purposes to make the websites eye-catching, for boosting the engagement of the audiences, and for improving the experience of the user.

Numerous integration availability

HubSpot is a one-stop platform for marketing professionals where one can get all the features in one place. This does not mean that the HubSpot-based websites cannot be integrated with the third-party solutions available. 

You might be using Zendesk for connecting the customers. You can easily use this with HubSpot. Are you using WordPress for blogging? Then do not worry as you can use it with HubSpot COS.

To achieve all these, HubSpot has exposed its API or Application Programming Interface. One can get various apps for integration with a HubSpot website. 

Though a diverse number of solutions is available with HubSpot, you might need a service suiting your needs exclusively. Then one can contact the HubSpot developers for their needs. 

Multiple device friendly website

One must remember that the website will not only be accessed via tablets or laptops but will also be accessed via smartphones. The use of smartphones has increased considerably with time. Hence, if the website is not optimized for accessing multiple devices, it will fail. This is the reason why HubSpot has taken steps to assure that the templates are very responsive to multiple devices. 

The COS makes use of a 12 column grid system that is very responsive. Hence you can very well understand that the website will be easily available on different devices under varying resolutions. 

Rich security protocols

In a report published by Verizon, it has been found that the hacker mostly targets small businesses. HubSpot understood the need to protect its users against these cyber-attacks and threats. Hence, they have come up with a great security protocol. 

If you want to host the website on HubSpot, you will get the Secure Socket Layer option by default. This will encode any data coming in or going out of the website. This will leave the hackers with nothing. 

The SaaS system of HubSpot makes its core function native. It is not dependent on any third party. The developers at HubSpot take ample care of customer problems. Hence, losing the data of the users is not possible with this platform. 


HubSpot, therefore, is a great platform for a great range of marketing tools. One can get hold of different marketing operations with a single dashboard. It keeps the websites optimized for all devices and also gives robust security against cyber threats. It has a great range of responsive and beautiful templates with different modules. It is due to these amazing features that HubSpot has been gaining great attention from the users. 

So, if you want to get all these amazing features for creating the website of your organization, HubSpot is the perfect platform for your needs.