Learn the techniques of using custom modules in HubSpot templates

WEB DEVELOPMENT | May 27, 2020
How to use custom modules in HubSpot templates

In the last couple of years, HubSpot managed to make some massive improvements in its marketing automation software. Hubspot COS empowers you to very easily create, customize and manage static website pages. COS acts as a fine inbound marketing tool by integrating with Hubspot. Hubspot always makes it easy for the users to create templates by using a basic template builder too. In addition to this PSD to HubSpot, conversion services help you to create a user-friendly website and grow your business.

What is HubSpot COS?

The launch of Hubspot made the concept of building a website a simple and smooth activity. HubSpot’s CMS, which was introduced some 4-5 years back, is known as COS. It represents the Content Optimization System. There is a slight difference between HubSpot’s COS and WordPress CMS. Well, it is nothing but an all-in-one solution for matching the marketing needs of businesses and it also allows you in creating highly personalized experiences for the audiences. You can take advantage of the built-in features of Hubspot and make the website more appealing and user-friendly for the audience.

Hubspot COS is an addition to the advanced features of Hubspot. The Meta description, image properties and the body of the contents are thoroughly checked by this feature. So, this will let you understand the modifications that you need to do to make the contents appropriate for search engines. Experts will provide Front end development service to design the best website as per industry standards.

Why do you need custom modules?

You may have heard of WordPress Widget which is necessary to make a WordPress theme. But, here in Hubspot, you don’t need any widget. Flexible columns will do the task to make a template. Designing templates has become easier and you are can generate varieties of templates for emails, blogs and landing pages. Normally this will make the website more attractive and will reach more audiences. The building of custom modules is extremely helpful to those who don’t know how to work with coding. Here, you can build some blocks to add a page and do the necessary alterations. Ultimately, the branding of the site will stay intact devoid of making a similar looking page.

How To Get Started With HubSpot Custom Modules

Experts having basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaSript will find it easy to work with Hubspot Custom modules. If you wish to do PSD to HubSpot conversion then basic knowledge on the above can make it possible for you. The steps to create the normal custom module can be mentioned below.

  1. At first, it is necessary to add HTML or Markup language to create the structure of the custom module.
  2. The next step is to add the styling. It is known as CSS
  3. For better interactivity and background you can add JavaScript
  4. Finally, you need to add proper Hubl snippets into the CSS or javaScript to set the content alignment and this inclusion will depend on the activity of the module.

If you are having a company which in recent times started using the HubSpot platform, you should try utilizing the custom modules. It will make your web development process a better as well as a profitable one because it will save your team’s valuable time.

How does PPH help you to convert PSD into HubSpot COS?

We at PPH help in developing a personalized appearance for businesses making use of HubSpot templates. We make it easy for you to use these templates without need of any technical expertise. Our Front-end development service experts use the HubSpot templates for transforming the PSD designs to optimally functional and excellent featured. Our designed HubSpot COS websites can convert the leads to actual customers with improved ROI.


Custom modules offered by HubSpot COS proved to be an amazing way for web designers to build any site which is easy to maintain to match future needs. It turns it flexible for the website owners to do editing on pages easily and more simply. With PSD into HubSpot COS services, you can get a dynamic and smart looking website.