A Comparative Difference Between WordPress and HubSpot

WEB DEVELOPMENT | February 19, 2020
HubSpot V/S WordPress

Choosing the right CMS platform shall be of immense help for your business. It depends on several factors as per your business needs. 

To have a well maintained and updated business e-commerce website, the right content management system is of utmost importance. You have to choose it depending on goals, resources and the industry you work in. With plenty of options to choose from, for better results of digital marketing, WordPress and HubSpot are among the popularly used ones. 

Even if you wish to get HubSpot development service, make sure that the experts are well equipped to provide quality service.  

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source content management platform that has become one of the biggest blogging platforms these days. After its launch in 2003, it is offering plenty of options of tools and functionality to the users and helps in website creation and launching it with minimum investment. There are options for plugins, themes, and tools that help in designing websites. There are options for WordPress development service providers and you have to choose the right one that ensures quality service for your website. 

Features of WordPress

Ease of accessing the platform 

Through WordPress, it becomes easy to create a website and launch it successfully. By this, you do not need any website developer or coding for the website. Also, one can create a simple and easy interface by using this platform. After creating the website, you can also edit it as per your requirements. With proper knowledge of the word processor, one can also offer better front end development services.

Affordability of the CMS

The CMS platform is free to use but it may include some cost when you have to use premium plugins, latest features, and themes and seek assistance from any hosting service provider. This will definitely upgrade the quality of your website and help to retain the attention of the potential customers better on your site. 

Ability to customize the platform 

With the help of the built-in features of the platform, you can design the website layout as per requirement. On this platform, you can create everything provided you know its correct usage. You can get access to plenty of options of widgets, themes, and plugins that shall help you customize your website better and help meet business goals. 

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot can be considered as a marketing and sales automation platform that comes with some built-in CMS. It has tools that help the users to create quality content based on business and also boost the marketing and sales level. For driving in more traffic and get a lead conversion to customers, this platform is a suitable one. Even for better management of social media marketing, users can get access to tools helping in better content management, search engine optimization, landing pages and the like. 

Features of HubSpot

Security of using a platform

It is safe and secured to use the platform for data. It helps in easy backing up of the data and the technical team helps to monitor the software round the clock means of suitable and recognized solutions. 

Ease of use 

HubSpot assists the marketers to create the website without having the knowledge of coding. It comes with easy interface options and plenty of tools that are available in the CMS making editing easy. Through HubSpot, help improve skills and get a better understanding of the tools and the content that you create on the website. 

Built-in SEO features 

The built-in SEO is kept updated in HubSpot in accordance to the latest changes of the Google algorithm. This will make it easy to optimize your website with the help of on-page SEO that helps in creating better quality content. 

Study of WordPress versus HubSpot 

Landing pages 

Both WordPress and HubSpot use the different functions of ‘posts’ and ‘pages.’ In HubSpot, there are tools that help in designing of a landing page. Design templates are responsive that boost SEO. In WordPress, there are options of customized themes and plugins that help create versatile landing pages.  

Website management 

In HubSpot, the simple interface with drag and drop features along with template options make it easy to use. You can also get help for the customized theme without any expert help. In WordPress, one can build a unique site making it stand out from the rest. For organized and easily accessible content, there are easy to use tools and thus, updating a page is simple and easily accessible to users.  

Email marketing and marketing automation

HubSpot tools make it easy for market automation and you can personalize your email messages. Also, the CMS integrates well with email tools. There is also the best marketing automation features on HubSpot known as workflows. On the other hand, WordPress does not have any automated email marketing facilities. Here, to reply emails, you have to use secondary tools. 

Impact on social media 

Easy social media management is possible through HubSpot and you can keep an easy track on social conversions. By going through social media analytics, you can measure how well it is going. In the case of WordPress, the design makes social media sharing easy work. For better sharing, you have to use third party sources. 

CMS essentials 

For HubSpot, the software team tries to maintain updated software code. The VPN, secure sockets layer protection, firewall protection helps in maintain the website security. For WordPress, it is important to maintain the core software stable for its smooth functioning. But the extra plugins and widgets can often be the main reasons of vulnerabilities for the platform. 

  HubSpot WordPress
CMS Essentials Team maintains
software code
Social media Enables easy
Requires help
of third-party
Easy interface Unique
Email automation
and marketing
Offers automated
email frailties
Do not have
automated email
Landing pages Design-templates
are simple
Customized templates 

Which is better for your business?

For creating better marketing options, you have to choose the right platform that meets your business needs better. It shall also depend on factors like budget, business goals, resources for business, target group and the like. For consistent growth of business and gain better leads, HubSpot is a suitable option. But to create content for your eCommerce platform, WordPress is the one. 

The Final Part 

To build a strong business foundation, it is important to choose the right platform that will help in creating and launching a unique website. It shall help stay out from the rest and sustain a prominent position in the competitive market.  

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