How to convert Sketch to WordPress? A Definitive Guide 2021

WEB DEVELOPMENT | June 2, 2021
Sketch to WordPress

What is a sketch? 

Sketch is software that is used to make UI/UX for mobile applications and different kinds of websites. The sketch is equipped with multiple features and has a hoard of benefits that make UI/UX designing very simple and less troublesome. Web developers use this tool for helping their clients to visualize the websites in a simple design format. The Sketch file consists of different details, website features that help the web developer accurately coding the website. The Sketch to WordPress code is one of the important elements in web development. This is a reliable manner of building the best quality websites that fulfill the needs of the clients.

Sketch to WordPress Conversion process

·        Preparation

You will have to prepare the Sketch file as per the needs of the clients. The Sketch expert will be able to make files that will give the clients an idea about the look and feel of the site. The files need to be made in proper size and format so that the next steps can be done easily.

·        Analyze the files

Analyzing the files is the next step in the conversion process. The files have different sections like menu, header, and so on. On any web page, there are some static and some dynamic elements. One can make these elements by using HTML and CSS coding. The elements like pictures, however, have to be used as it is. The developer has to understand the structure of the Sketch files based on these needs.

·        Export the Sketch Files

Sketch allows one to export the different files in HTML format. One can use this feature to go for the next step in the conversion process right away.

·        Sketch to HTML

The web developer has two options for Sketch to the HTML conversion process. They can make use of the automated conversion feature or perform manual hand-coding for translating the design files to code. The use of automated conversion is recommended because it is faster. However, the codes that are generated are not of good quality and unstable for the different WordPress themes. Manual coding is therefore recommended. In this process, the developer will have to translate all the Sketch file components into CSS, HTML, and JavaScript codes.

·        HTML to WordPress

For performing the conversion from HTML to WordPress, follow these steps:

– Make different files of the theme like index.php, header.php, footer.php, and so on.

– For making the header of the web page, copy the header code from the HTML file to the header.php file. Likewise, follow the same thing for the other files.

– Use the different WordPress functions in the index.php file for linking the header code and the other associated codes.

·        Testing 

After the conversion process is complete, you will have to test the theme before you add it to the website. Check aspects like speed, appearance, and performance.

·        Add the Theme

When you have completed the testing, the final step is integrating this into the WordPress website. One can upload the theme from the dashboard of the admin.

Manual VS Professional Service for Sketch to WordPress conversion

For converting Sketch to WordPress, there are different ways to achieve this. One can make use of the automated tools or do the manual coding or even take the help of a professional developer to complete the work.

In the case of manual coding, one needs to make the theme by hand-coding the code. They can also customize any existing theme as per the needs of the clients. This method is preferred as you will get the best quality theme for the site. For those who have prior knowledge of HTML, PHP, and CSS, you can do hand-coding on your own. You will have to create the PHP and HTML files for making the theme.

Those who do not have prior coding or technical knowledge can take the help of professionals for completing the conversion process. The professional developer has the required knowledge and the skill sets for converting the Sketch files into WordPress themes of great quality. They are well trained in coding, know the different computer languages and hence they can very well handle all the complex technical issues. They also have been working in this field for some time and have accumulated enough experience to guide you in your work.

Benefits of Professional service provider

There are several benefits associated with hiring a professional service provider. They provide the best quality services to the clients. They also come up with customized solutions for the clients. Listed below are some of the other benefits one can get from a professional service provider.

· The professionals take an agile approach to this work. They perform the conversion from Sketch to WordPress theme efficiently. Their approach helps them to deliver the work on time and meet the deadline of the clients.

· The service providers are extremely professional and have loads of working experience with the help of which they can attend to your problems with ease. They are known for giving end-to-end service to clients.

· They maintain a Non-disclosure agreement policy and if required they can sign one with their clients. This ensures that the ideas will remain confidential and will not be leaked. The professionals are very responsive and provide great transparency at work.

· The quality of the projects is never hampered even when meeting the deadlines. They give the best solutions and provide the customers with the best experience.

· Tests are conducted from time to time to check that the solutions provided are working well and providing good services to the clients. Tests are done on multiple devices and other quality checks are also conducted simultaneously.

With the rise in online business all over the world, websites are much in demand among business owners. Hence, making the right website for the business is very important so that it meets the requirements of the business. Sketch to WordPress conversion is an effective method for the development of awesome websites for your business.

For those individuals who have prior coding and technical expertise, they can do the manual coding. Or else, one needs to find the web developer who can do this conversion on your behalf. There are a lot of developers available. Select one that suits your needs the most.