Top Trending PHP Frameworks To Develop Your Website In 2021.

PHP Framework | June 11, 2021

PHP is among the most popular web development technology as it is found in more than fifty percent of the websites on the internet. There is a mixed opinion about PHP. Some would like it to become the preferred technology for web solutions while some developer finds it outdated and mediocre. Despite these differences in opinions about PHP, it is a trusted server-side language that is preferred by developers. 

It can be used easily for the development of web solutions like making a blog website or e-commerce websites and so on. It can also be embedded in HTML for making websites and other web applications.

Why PHP based framework is best for websites

PHP comes with multiple benefits for the web-developers who wish to make quality websites and applications for their clients. Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Slack, and others make use of PHP. PHP comes with many benefits that are helpful for developers in their web development projects.


PHP is an open-source language that is available for all at no extra charges. You do not need any license for using this server-side language. Any developer from any part of the world can use it for their work as it is open source.


PHP can be used easily by the developers for the creation of chatbots. These chatbots will help to resolve customer problems effectively. The chatbot is a fast and effective manner of resolving any problems that a customer might face.


PHP has extensive features that enhance the safety and security of the websites. With PHP, a developer can make secure websites. This increases the safety of the data that the website will have.

Flexibility of database

It supports a great number of databases like Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others. PHP/MySQL is among the most common combinations for developing e-commerce web applications like Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and so on.

Pocket-friendly technology

PHP is an open-source language that is available for free for developers. Hence it is pocket-friendly for the businesses as they do not have to pay any license fee for using the language for web development.

Trends in UI

When a web developer combines PHP with the other technologies, they can build wonderful user interfaces.

Easy to manage

The developer can manage custom-made websites for the clients by making use of the PHP frameworks like Laravel, Cake PHP, Symfony, Code Igniter, Zend, Kohana, and others. These frameworks are very popular among the web-developers globally.

Top frameworks trending in 2021

There are several PHP frameworks available in the market. Depending on the requirements of the work, web developers can select the ones that suit their needs the most.

·        Cake PHP

It comes with useful components and ready-to-use extensive libraries. This is a modern framework for PHP. It comes with a quick web application developing method. It provides different kinds of businesses with quality websites that can be easily developed for the web. This is preferred by those web developers who need clean and fast PHP frameworks.

Features of Cake PHP:

· Provides support for MVC architecture

· MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and other databases are supported

· Code generating and scaffolding tools available

· The installer is composer based

·        Code Igniter 

This framework consists of tools, libraries, and other important components that can be used for developing great web solutions. The MVC-based framework can be used easily for quick web development works. It comes with extensive libraries. You can connect databases and perform tasks like send emails, manage sessions, upload files, and others. Code Igniter has minimal configurations. This framework is renowned for its amazing speed.

Features of Code Igniter:

· Management of session

· Sending of emails

· MVC system

· XSS filtering and good security

· Database support for the query builder

· Data and form validation

·        Laravel

This is one of the most renowned PHP frameworks available. Laravel has been named as the PHP framework for web artisans. Taylor Otwell developed this framework for those developers who wanted a framework with features that Code Igniter did not have. This framework enables the developers to focus on the main fundamentals of the server-side language of PHP. It also aids the developers to focus on the core essentials. It is beneficial as you can rapidly develop the projects and the scale of the project is also huge.

Laravel has some amazing security features like email verification, authentication, encryption, reset of password, hashing, and authorization. These enhance the safety and security of the web application or website that any developer makes. It also prevents cyber threats and data loss of the clients.

Features of Laravel:

· Different modules and extensive library

· ORM support available

· Database migration system

· Supports MVC architecture

· Artisan system available

·        Zend 

This is an open-source framework that is made focussing on MVC architecture. This is an object-oriented PHP framework. It is equipped with PHP packages that can be used for making different applications for the web. Zend is however transitioning to the Laminas Project. Since Zend is not updated now, it is better to migrate to Laminas. The Laminas Project has three parts- Mezzio, Laminas Components, and MVC and Laminas API tools.

Features of Zend:

· Encryption of data is allowed with this framework

· URI routing is flexible in Zend

· Cloud API is simple and easy

· Implementing advanced MVC

· Object-oriented framework

· Good management of sessions

· Supports SQLite, PostgreSQL, and so on


PHP is an immensely well-known server-side language that is used for creating web solutions for blogging sites, e-commerce sites, and web applications. The web developers make use of this language for making creative web pages. This has become the most preferred choice among the majority of developers worldwide. However, other server-side languages are also preferred by some developers. Custom PHP uses different features and helps in making great solutions for the clients. The frameworks are popular for making ideal web solutions. The different businesses can make use of PHP for making quality, user-friendly websites that meet their needs.

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