How responsive web design can boost up your business

WEB DESIGN | August 11, 2015
How responsive web design can boost up your business

Irrespective of one being a marketer or just some commoner who’s attached to his phone, it is espied that there has been an inundation in the number of mobile phone users worldwide with maximum increment in the sector of smartphones or other smart devices. Thus, it has become absolutely essential for any website owner to have a site that would fit in all sizes and resolutions of screen with a user-friendly approach. This is what is popularly known as responsive web designing. It aims at catering an optimal reading and viewing experience with minimum zooming, panning, and scrolling all around. With the daily improvements of methodologies regarding web designing it is very crucial that one stays updated. If you are an online web expert or having an online based blooming business, you need to know the exact techniques to forge ahead of others in the competitive life and also stay in the position for long. Following are the ways in which responsive web designing is of ultimate power to you:

Responsive web design can boost up your business

  1. Enhances user experience
  2. Increased number of visitors
  3. Enhanced automatisms
  4. Better page rank and no duplicate contents

Enhances user experience

Responsive web design or RWD lets your users have a constant experience irrespective of the type device they are using to surf your site. When users get the same content on their mobile devices as they get on their desktop screens, they actually get an easy to absorb interface. This vehemently decreases the bounce rates of your website.

Increased number of visitors

By using the offline browsing features provided by HTML5 you are more likely to reach out to your audience. According to the studies conducted, 90% of the emails that are sent; get deleted without even being read. But when you provide them an offline attractive and handy interface linked with an equally navigable online interface; there is an increase in the click rates as well as the number of visitors per day. It is observed that there has been an approximate 10% rise in the visitor to buyer turn over round a year for responsive websites, whereas for non-responsive sites, this figure has hardly been able to reach up to 2% round a year.

Enhanced automatisms

The short and crisp set of code is a very essential part. The code for any website should be written in a way that all the additional functionalities are automatically made available in the mobile version when switched from desktop.

Better page rank and no duplicate contents

The responsive web design is based on SEO optimization. This renders the SEO optimized sites at an advantageous position when compared to the non-SEO optimized sites by providing a higher page rank, no duplicate content, easily available on being searched by any device, etc.

The other added advantages include

  • Saving of considerable amount of money and time of the owner that would have been spent on writing different codes for different interfaces.
  • Extra profitable earnings by incorporating advertisements and several enhanced conversations.
  • Expert monitoring of your analytics and reports, on the basis of a multiple device handling amalgamated with single responsive reporting interface.

Recent researches have revealed that 70% of all the people surfing the net are smartphone users and 10-20% of potential visitors are channelized to the websites from their smartphones or tablets. There is a general view that nothing is as tiresome as navigating thorough a desktop version of any site on a mobile interface. Thus it is not only based on charming your visitors but also maintaining them constantly; upgrading the conversation rates so that their count does not decrease. This helps you to soar high and stand out among the crowd and also lets you retain your position.

Pixel Perfect HTML and its role in letting you achieve the heights

At Pixel Perfect HTML we offer the conversion of PSD to HTML5 amalgamated with CSS3. This service enlivens the web page and reduces the use of different plugins such as JavaScript, Ajax, etc. The conversion also creates a robust, intuitive and interactive code that is the backend support and the soul of any websites that goes online. Our experienced and dedicated team of developers also makes sure that your site looks beautiful and attractive by adding various canvas elements to it. At the same time they make it more easily navigable and compatible with all types of browsers having full audiovisual support. We are equipped with all kinds of expertise and experience to deliver you premium quality of PSD conversion services because we do not believe in accepting bulk offers and compromising with quality of any part. 

Features salient to us 

  • W3C validated international coding standards
  • Quality assurance
  • Updated and extraordinarily trained coders
  • Refund guarantee
  • On time deliveries
  • Customer support
  • Consistent product quality
  • Strict NDA terms 

So, if you want to take your online business ahead in the competition bestow your trust upon us so that you can rest and let us take care of the rest! Contact us for more detailed information.

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