Common Errors While Converting PSD to HTML

HTML 5 | June 17, 2016

PSD to HTML conversion is one of the widely used and popular methods for converting the design to HTML when it comes to web-based development projects. The majority of the web developers from across the world rely on this conversion. This process gives an error-free and aptly designed website with the inviting look and feel. But for conversion, you need to have adequate coding competency and ample technology knowledge.

To have fully-functional web portals their attributes should be well ordered, rightly-formatted, well structured, bug-free and legible codes. But unfortunately, many HTML developers commit several HTML mistakes while converting the PSD to HTML CSS. It could be due to either insufficient experience or negligence. To start with, let’s have a closer look what those mistakes are that often cost dearly to the HTML developers:

Syntax Tag Error: Most mistakes are often seen in writing incorrect name or tag names like a header or the footer tags. You must ensure that you are writing the right tag under the right section. Use the header tag to place content related to the header section and similarly put the right tag at right places.

Closing Tags Incorrectly: Being an experienced coder / HTML developer you would be aware how important it is and how it can impact on your coding.  This is a mistake widely seen especially in inexperienced coders. If you close the tags wrongly it can impact the accessibility of the website and its user experience and usability too seriously. All the tags need to be closed properly to get seamless accessibility of the website as this one of the most desired objectives of any websites.

Using Special Characters: As Google or any other search engines don’t consider and read special characters its significance is nil while converting the PSD to HTML. Being an SEO tip, often developers are not actually aware of this fact and commit the mistake of using special characters, which leads to creating problems.

Wrong DOCTYPE: DOCTYPE informs about the version of HTML that is used in a particular website to the browser. Thus, it is important to mention the correct DOCTYPE.

Using Conversion Software: Taking short cuts could often have to be paid dearly. Many developers use PSD to HTML conversion software for converting their designs. Actually, this process has to be performed meticulously that software lacks. It should be done manually with the application of mind not using any conversion software.

Use of Tables: Using <table> tags to create sections can also be a major mistake by most of the developers. Avoid using table tags to create a perfect responsive design for the website, as it often develops some designing complexities while converting your PSD to responsive design.

Not Checking Website on Real Device: Mostly browser add-ons are used to test the design. Try testing your website on multiple devices instead. You may not lay your hand on every device but at least you can have access to some of the devices to check your responsive design.

Alt Attribute for Image Tags: When you convert PSD to CSS/HTML you should use the Alt attribute for displaying the Image(IMG) tags as it helps the visitors to understand more appropriately the context of an image.