SEO Elements to consider while PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion

WEB DEVELOPMENT | July 1, 2016
SEO Elements to consider while PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion

Do you know that you can imply SEO tips and tricks while converting PSD into Responsive WordPress Theme. Yes, being an expert developer you must know some SEO rules to make your responsive website SEO friendly during PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion. Search engine optimization can come to play even when you convert PSD to WordPress theme.

As search engines are getting smarter and more human-like when it comes to ranking the appropriate websites, website optimization becomes more important offering more opportunity to redefine your website for increased usability and better SEO.

Below mentioned are the list of standards that you need to follow being a front-end coder or a back-end developer when doing your part of the website building process!

SEO Elements to consider while PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion

  1. Use CSS Instead of Tables
  2. Know How to use Header Tags and other Style Elements
  3. Right Fonts
  4. Images
  5. Optimize Site Speed
  6. Make Content Readable

Use CSS Instead of Tables

This is the most basic tip. You should use CSS rather than a table format. This structure improves the order of content elements on the page. It helps you place the content in the right and customized format as per your requirement instead of following a fixed format.

Know How to use Header Tags and other Style Elements

You must understand the usage and significance of the Header Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and other <strong> tags. They must only be used for unique contents that are not repeated elsewhere. Just ensure you do not use these HTML tags on sidebars, footers, site-wide headings, or any other place where you are going to use repeated content.

Right Fonts

Using machine-readable fonts is most essential. Using font-replacement like @font-face could also be a potential substitute. Or else, you may also use an image to display content. Don’t forget to put the image in an image tag (not using CSS) with alt content that describes the content written in the image, word-for-word.


Use CSS background for those images that have stylistic elements. Moreover, use a regular image tag for other contents elements which is displayed within a body of text and is unique to a page. Just do not forget to add Alt tags in the image.

Optimize Site Speed

As a thumb rule, a website page should be loaded in 3 seconds. Although you, being a front-end coder is not liable for a page’s fast or slow loading time, but you can play a role in increasing its loading speed to an extent. For this, you must consolidate CSS and javascript files, load javascript at the end of the page, and create sprites.

Make Content Readable

Avoid using content within <script> as it is not read by search engines. Avoid using dynamically loading content if it can be avoided.

These are some of the SEO driven tips and tricks that you as a front end coder or developer must know while PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion to improve your website’s ranking and simplifying the task of your SEO team drastically. 

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