The Necessity of Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

WEB DEVELOPMENT | March 29, 2017
The Necessity of Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

Since its origin in 2003, the WordPress website is getting plenty of attention from developers and users alike. For this reason, PSD to WordPress conversions are becoming popular by the day. Everyone wants to be a part of the bandwagon to make the most of the available features and functionalities. It easily works as a blogging tool as well as a CMS rolled into one.

As per a recent statistics almost 60 million people have chosen WordPress today. If this is not enough reason to make the shift, then what is! There was a time when people use to consider WordPress just as a blogger site. However, things have changed today as more and more websites are using this framework.

Today, a majority of non-blogging sites are also transforming the business and attracting traffic through WordPress benefits. Add stunning features and create robust sites. When you want to enhance both the business performance and functioning, this platform seems perfect. Here are the major reasons to consider the change today.

The Necessity of Converting PSD to WordPress Theme

  1. Proper codes for developer and optimization purposes
  2. Mobile friendly, responsive designs
  3. CMS for simple edits
  4. Plug-ins available in huge amounts
  5. Edits possible on the mobile platform
  6. Enjoy full site control
  7. Numerous features to enrich the site
  8. Cross browser compatibility

Proper codes for developer and optimization purposes

Junk coding is a part of default themes. For customization, developers code in an easy to understand language. Junk codes tend to slow down the site loading, and compromises with the overall ranks of the page on the search engines. During the creation of bespoke sites, developers consider features like designs pixel perfect and W3 validation. This is an important part of converting psd into wordpress theme.

Mobile friendly, responsive designs

Through powerful customization, achieving responsive features coupled with responsive design is possible. The developer coding for PSD to WordPress Theme Conversion is a manual process that ensures responsive features are properly embedded. Thus, the site is fully functional across different screen sizes and resolutions.

CMS for simple edits

With WordPress, your frequency to reach the developers for updates or small edits greatly diminishes. By using the Admin panel, you can easily perform the needed changes on your website. Thus, the content management system (CMS) facilitates effortless updates. This being a complete CMS by itself does not require any additional File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This is a big plus from the editor’s perspective.

Plug-ins available in huge amounts

Do you know WordPress makes 45000 plug-in available to the users? This is a huge number by every standard. This naturally enhances the related functionality to a significant degree. One does not have to undertake a huge amount of coding anymore. This is because now you can achieve the functionality you want simply by using the related plug-in. What is more, planning customization is also a great possibility with WordPress. When you require some specific functionality, just customize the relevant plug-in and you get what you want. Many developers customize plug-ins today.

Edits possible on the mobile platform

Use the WordPress applications for making quick site edits via the tablet or mobile device. Any changes that you make become available on your WordPress site immediately. This means that you do not have to wait for the developer and designer to do them for you anymore. Your dependency upon external agencies decreases to a certain degree. You can do this even while on the go through your smart phone. Only WordPress makes this possible.

Enjoy full site control

It does not matter anymore whether you have a technical background. With WordPress making things easy, the control of the site now comes in your hands. This means that the viewers will always have something new and exciting to keep them engaged. You will also get direct feedback and response to CTA endeavors. Even the navigation of the site will improve considerably. As you realize, what the users experience upon visiting your site, you make changes accordingly. This increases both engagement and conversions.

Numerous features to enrich the site

Implement and integrate myriad features and functionalities based upon the website requirements. You might consider template simple system or plug-in architecture the choice is yours. Your website will become both user friendly and visually appealing due to such effective inputs.

Cross browser compatibility

What is your aim behind website development? You want to make your business are available to a global audience. However, when the site is compatible to 1-2 web browsers, it does not achieve this end. No such problems and limitations remain when you are working with the WordPress themes. Your website will now load, run on multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Thus, people looking for effective benefits from their websites should Convert PSD to WordPress Theme immediately. It minimizes the hassle of maintaining the site and skyrocket the associated benefits. This seems to be the most intelligent option for the businesses today. Have you considered the shift yet?

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