Choosing the Best Free PSD Website Templates: Our Tips

WEB DESIGN | December 23, 2022

We’re fortunate to be in a time where top-notch website designs are easily accessible online – and for no cost at all. Without a doubt, this makes our jobs as site designers simpler.

One of the most often used design tools among UX/UI designers is Photoshop. Web designers and developers continuously share more PSD website templates with pleasure.

Mockplus suggests 20 of the best PSD website templates in this article. These top-notch Photoshop website templates can create various websites by converting PSD files into HTML, including portfolios, businesses, hotels, blogs, and websites for the medical, educational, and dining industries.

What is a PSD Website Template?

An uncoded website is a PSD web template. It includes many website visual components, such as the layout, backdrop, pictures, typography, etc. However, no HTML nor CSS is used. However, no HTML nor CSS is used. The various website elements will be on each layer.  A layer will be used for the logo, header, navigation, content, etc.

What is the role of PSD templates in web development?

The PSD format is employed when laying out a design for a front-end web designer to complete or showing the design to a client. Essentially, they are simulations of actual web layouts or how the web page will seem once the HTML and CSS have been set up. Additionally, it is useful when removing specific template elements, such as icons. Nowadays, the PSD isn’t usually required unless you’re creating a complex design that calls for picture elements in the templates or you need it to convey ideas to your client. The technique begins with an HTML wireframe and uses a thin border around the boxes for CSS. The actual website design can then be created in the mockup stage. You must be able to copy the design out from the mockup when coding.

Best Websites for Downloading Free PSD Website Templates:

Here we have compiled a list of websites from where you can download free PSD files easily:

1. Brusheezy: Free PSDs

For artists looking for user-contributed free PSD files, Brusheezy is a leading resource and community website. Although their Photoshop brush collections are what they are best known for, they also provide a huge library of more than 300 free PSDs.

2. 365psd

You can obtain high-quality PSD files from 365psd regularly. This user-driven website has everything you’re searching for, whether seeking single user-interface elements like web buttons or complete UI kits.

3. Dribble

You’re undoubtedly already familiar with Dribbble, a website for designers that allows us to post screenshots of the work. But did you know that Dribbble has a tonne of PSDs? You may find tons of high-quality PSDS by conducting a quick scan using terms like “PSD” and “free PSDs.”

4. Designmoo

Despite not exclusively providing free PSD files, Designmoo does provide high-quality design materials. Furthermore, PSDs are many kinds of user-contributed available resources they make freely available.

5. Free Photoshop Download

Hundreds of free PSD files the site’s administrators have discovered online are gathered and shown on this website. They currently have a library of more than 200 free Photoshop files that they have continuously built up.


Free PSD files, including templates, icon sets, user interface sets, images, etc., are abundant on this website. This website’s PSD samples are excellent and big, making it simple to find the freebies you’re looking for.

7. FreePik

Freepik aids graphical and web designers in finding high-quality visuals and is specifically dedicated to indexing all the free PSD files on the website. There’s a strong chance you’ll discover what you’re looking for at the site, given that it has served over 91 million downloads and indexed over 1.4 million design resources.

8. Premium Pixels

Premium Pixels, a top online site for those looking for top-notch, cost-free design resources, was founded by web designer Orman Clark. On this website, a wide variety of free PSDs is available.

Best Free PSD Website Templates

1. Cesis

Best psd website templates

Key Features:

  1. 11 detail layered PSDs
  2. Great color combinations.
  3. beautiful and modest design
  4. Inventive and comprehensive layouts
  5. 11 image preview files

2. MoGo

Key features:

  1. modern and neat style
  2. carousels of testimonials
  3. includes widgets and portfolio thumbnails

3. Avenue Fashion- A free PSD template for online stores.

Best psd website templates

Key features:

  1. Clean and contemporary e-commerce template.
  2. Contains six product pages.
  3. Ideal for creating a little fashion store.
  4. Attractive design.

4. Free landing page design for your apps- Fun Weather.

Key Features:

  1. A great way to display weather apps
  2. It is easily adaptable to any type of mobile app.
  3. A simple user interface

5. downloadable single-page PSD template for surfing PSD Format

Best psd website templates

Key features:

  1. Only one PSD file
  2. Unpaid fonts
  3. No cost CC0 pictures
  4. Simple personalization
  5. Convenient for Photoshop

6. Shopy – PSD site templates for e-commerce

Key Features:

  1. 3-template PSD set
  2. retail page
  3. main page
  4. Page detailing products

7. Free PSD template for businesses- Clemo.

Best psd website templates

Key Features:

  1. Contemporary and distinctive style.
  2. Contains ten pages in high resolution.
  3. Based on grids from Bootstrap 1170px.

8. Free website template- Oregano.

Key features:

  1. Created for the website.
  2. 820×1600 pixels in size.
  3. Compatible with Sketch and Photoshop.

9.Free Bootstrap PSD template for a portfolio.

Key features:

  1. Two pages in total.
  2. Bootstrap Grid 1170 px.
  3. Free CC0 pictures
  4. Simple Personalization
  5. Complete layering
  6. Able to work with Photoshop.

10. For websites of digital agencies.

Key features:

  1. Layers with clear names and a plan.
  2. Simple to use
  3. Completely editable in PSD format.

11. Free responsive PSD website template for bakeries.

Key features:

  1. Icons in fonts and vectors.
  2. Completely responsive.
  3. Free PSD template for a single-page website for bakeries.



12. Free PSD + HTML portfolio template-Snow

Best psd website templates

Key features: 

  1. Available in HTML and PSD.
  2. Frontpage, two portfolio pages, and two blog pages are included.
  3. Contains the WordPress variant.


It can take about days to code a website to perfection. You are continuously reading your code, moving to the visual representation of the code using PSD, and then returning to your code for writing. With PSD Web Templates, it can put all of your attention on the layout and aesthetics while delegating responsibility for the coding. With the least amount of work, you could get your desired results using these free PSD templates.