Six Trendy Features of Magento to Dominate the E-Commerce Industry in 2018

WEB DEVELOPMENT | February 10, 2018
Six Trendy Features of Magento to Dominate the E-Commerce Industry in 2018

Magento has become the most prominent e-commerce development company since its foundation in 2007. In these past years, this open-source e-commerce platform has seen many ups along with some downs. However, it has prevailed as the leader despite these issues. It has been possible due to the dedication and expertise of the professionals associated with Magento. The professionals of e-commerce industry believe this open-source platform is going to continue its successful journey in 2018 and upcoming years. It brings many user-friendly features, which are guaranteed to become the hottest trends in 2018.

6 Trendy Features of Magento to Dominate the E-Commerce Industry

  1. Chatting Robots
  2. RTBDA/ Real-Time Big Data Analytics
  3. Omnipresence of E-Commerce Sites
  4. Mobile Friendly Platforms
  5. Video Chatting & Social Media
  6. Push notifications

1.  Chatting Robots

The ‘artificial intelligence’ creates the core of best ‘Chatbots’ and reputed e-commerce platforms use these robots to facilitate customers. The Chatbots Harness keeps essential information. The Chatbots may provide this information to the customers and solve their queries in real-time using either textual/auditory process. The Chatbots have a variety of pre-programmed answers, which they utilize in response to customers’ queries. They can recognize the users’ inputs and move the conversation forward with meaningful answers to the queries from a collection of pre-programmed answers. The Chatbots increases the efficiency of e-commerce sites and they are guaranteed to prevail in 2018 similar to the previous year.

2.  RTBDA/ Real-Time Big Data Analytics

Many e-commerce websites use ‘Big Data’ for the analysis of real-time data. The ‘Real-Time Big Data Analytics’ can increase the ratio of sales and examine the issues to deliver higher profits. The ‘Big Data’ can track a customer’s journey on an e-commerce platform from his/her entry to the exit. It can track customers’ purchase history and can separate them into different categories based on the pattern of purchase or demographic details. The e-commerce platforms use these data to target each customer based on personal information. It helps E-commerce Company’s profit during sales or festive seasons. The big-data can predict the demands of future market using its analytics. It can improve the ratio of sales through optimized pricing and can teach how to personalize the customers’ experiences.

3.  Omnipresence of E-Commerce Sites

The world has become smaller due to the advancement of satellite communication via the ‘Internet’. The Magento has utilized the interconnectivity of Internet to improve the shoppers’ experience. This open-source e-commerce platform makes it possible for users to remain present on various platforms at the same time. The users also have freedom to access the e-commerce websites from a variety of devices with the help of Magento. This facility may increase the profit of e-commerce websites and it is guaranteed to be a trend in 2018.

4.  Mobile Friendly Platforms

The Smartphones and iOS devices introduce advance and innovative features to remain one step ahead in competition. Hence, it has become easier for the customers to access various e-commerce sites through the smart gadgets. Magento has acknowledged this fact and has developed mobile-friendly software programming. The users can shop from anywhere at any time with the help of this useful software programming from Magento.

5.  Video Chatting & Social Media

The video chatting is another ingenious idea from Magento. This facility has significantly improved the users’ experience since its introduction. The customers may ask questions to clear their doubts or to resolve their queries through video chatting, which builds their trusts towards various e-commerce platforms. The live demonstration of products also fascinates many customers.

The ‘video-chatting’ feature works hand-in-hand with the social media sites, as it offers links to the searched items on social media networks for the purpose of reconsideration. The Magento also offers ‘easy to purchase’ options on the social media which simplifies the process of purchasing.

6.  Push notifications

The ‘push-notifications’ feature gives visitors the option to accept the notifications for the future. These notifications may contain information regarding new products or exclusive discounts. This ingenious feature of Magento enables e-commerce websites to inform the customers regarding the details of delivery, authentic reviews or pending items in the shopping cart.

Magento offers advanced features to its users. It is easy to navigate and operate. It assures improved conversion-rates. It can effectively engage the visitors of an e-commerce site. This open-source e-commerce platform has modified its features according to the customers’ traits, such as the trend of online research amongst the Internet users. The inclusion of trendy features has helped Magento become the leading software company in the development of e-commerce platforms and Magento features are likely to dominate this industry in 2018 due to their user-friendly aspects.

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