Advantages of choosing Drupal as the CMS

WEB DEVELOPMENT | April 12, 2016
Advantages of choosing Drupal as the CMS

Being an open source Content Management System, Drupal has gained great popularity among developers and content curators. Drupal is the language written in PHP code, which is also an open source scripting language. Due to its open source nature, organizations do not have to spend on its licensing and frameworks. It saves money and time due to the online community that is always available for the developer’s rescue at times.

Heaps of opportunities

Right from eCommerce websites to networking sites and from resource directories to newsletters – Drupal web development offers comprehensive features for the organization to rely on them for their crucial requirements like concrete online presence and seamless functioning. With the huge range of themes and modules, developers are able to make customized CMS websites for every challenging online business needs. Creating custom templates is also easy for web designers.

Benefits to go for Drupal web development

  1. Customization
  2. Open source nature
  3. Supports rapid development
  4. SEO friendliness
  5. Mobile responsiveness
  6. API support


Be it the features, operation, layout or design, Drupal open source CMS can easily be customized for several requirements. Hence, it offers lots of options for developers and designers to fulfil organizational requirements easily providing them a seamless CMS solution.

Open source nature

The Drupal content management system is open source in nature, which purely indicates developers can create a wide range of modules, themes etc. and contribute it to the online community for other developers to use and same way developers can pick a piece of code from the online community as needed. This indeed reduces the development cost getting the web developed efficiently.

Supports rapid development

This excellent open source CM allows organizations to deploy the features and functionalities rapidly. Developers can even make required modifications in the line of code even after the website is been deployed. Organizations can easily demand for customizations to the developers as per the business requirements even though the website is live.

SEO friendliness

Websites developed using Drupal open source language is SEO friendly by default. It allows the user to display the content in the CMS which the search engines like the most. SEO friendliness is the niche requirement of every organization having official websites. The websites have to be searched by the popular search engines and gets better website ranking when crawled.

Mobile responsiveness

With the increasing usage of mobile phone to access internet, websites has to be mobile friendly for users to open it through their smart phones easily. Even Google has made it necessary for websites to be responsive. Thus, developers using Drupal for CMS development will be benefited as Drupal websites are mobile responsive. They do not have to make any additional settings for making the websites mobile friendly.

API support

Big shots like FaceBook, YouTube, Google Analytics etc. provide a comprehensive API support for Drupal CMS. Thus, developers can create tailored modules using well documented APIs easily.

Above mentioned are the list of benefits offered by Drupal open source CMS. Drupal web development allows developers to build high quality websites with lots of modern features and functionalities stuffed into it. Even companies have started thinking smartly by selecting Drupal CMS for unique and innovative business websites.