Increase Website’s Performance & Improve Visitors’ Experience by Using Automation for WordPress Sites

WEB DEVELOPMENT | May 15, 2018

Several online businesses establish direct communication with the clients for commercial success. These businesses can use automation to their advantage especially if they use WordPress for commercial websites. This free content management system comes with immeasurable features and plugins. Any businessperson may benefit through these user-friendly plugins/applications if they want to create impressive and customized commercial websites. The webmasters may use the automation in WordPress to reduce the development time. The website-owners may use the automatic to perform a variety of tasks. The features of automation are available through plugins. They can significantly improve a site’s performance when used with the compatible plugins. The automation of some features in WordPress enables a user to concentrate on the vital tasks without the distraction of unnecessary steps. It increases the users’ efficiency and productivity. They may automate a WordPress site in many ways in order to take full advantage of this feature.

1.  Automatic Cleaning

The optimized performance of a WordPress website is essential for every user. However, it is impossible to maximize a site’s performance without routine cleaning. The cleaning process usually requires direct instructions from the users. However, it is also possible to automate some parts of this process. The users may automate the process of database cleaning using the ‘WP-DBManager’ plugin. It is a time-consuming task and automation can bring some ease into this process. This plugin can automatically preserve the backup before the cleaning.

2.  Automatic Updates

The core of the WordPress sites requires frequent updating to enjoy absolute security. It is equally important for the users to update the plugins or themes at timely intervals. It is a tedious task that many users either forget or postpone. It may severely damage the website’s security. The ‘Automate’ can perform this task without the users’ guidance. The users even have the liberty of selecting the level of updating when using Automate. It also informs the website-owners about the updated features after finishing the task.

3. Automated Backup

It is prudent to maintain a regular backup of every commercial website. It enables a user to preserve the valuable information outside the WordPress and let them quickly restore to the last saved version. The content management is another tiring process and a user may utilize either the ‘Automate’ tool or ‘Snapshot Pro’ plugin to automate this process. The ‘Automate’ can preserve any file that was present before the update. The ‘Snapshot Pro’ is compatible with the ‘WPMU DEV’ accounts. However, there is a variety of other plug-ins capable of maintaining regular backups.

4. Automated Enhancer

With the help of WordPress automation tools, the users can significantly improve loading speed of any website. It is only possible to increase a website’s loading speed after a thorough cleaning. The WordPress tools can automatically perform this task and monitor the progression in loading speed. The ‘WP Checkup’ can scan a website’s performance. On the other hand, the caching plugin can significantly limit the HTTPS requests and can cache the site’s content. The ‘Hummingbird’ plugin can automatically optimize the tasks that are vital for the optimization of a website’s speed. It can compress a Gzip, minify the files, cache Gravatar/Page/browser, increase the frequency of monitoring and send recommendations automatically. 

5. Automated Security

Nothing seems redundant for the security of a WordPress website and automation allows the users to heighten the security of their websites. The intruders often infiltrate an area of a website that is not easily visible to the site’s owners. The automation allows users to look into these areas and find out virtual threats to a website. The ‘WordPress Security’ and ‘WP Checkup’ plugins can automatically scan a website and sweep away malicious presences. The ‘Defender plugin’ uses two-factor authentication process for the log-in protection. They can monitor any process that tries to change the files and can detect the threats immediately. 

6. Automated Optimization of Image

The optimization of images also enables a user to improve a website’s performance. The websites may lose its speed due to continuous focus on the scripts/files. The WordPress plugins for image optimization, such as Smush Pro, compresses and resizes the images automatically.

7. Automated Blocking of Spam

The owners of WordPress website may even use a plugin, such as Akismet, to block the spam messages automatically. They need not screen through the comments to identify a spam communiqué. The Akismet can perform this task allowing the users to focus on the important messages.

8. Automated Optimization of Search

The SEO experts are supposed to perform a variety of tasks during the process of Search Engine Optimization. They are supposed to review the progress in ‘search’ that largely depends upon the messages these experts send to the search engines. The SEO experts may use the ‘WP Checkup’ tool to automatically scan a website’s setup. They may utilize the ‘SmartCrawl’ plugin to create a XML sitemap and transmit its updates to the search. Lastly, they may use a SEO plugin to check the rankings against the Google keywords. They may even use this tool to automate the type or frequency of the notifications they receive based on selected keywords.

9. Automated Social Media Sharing

It is essential to actively promote the contents of a website on the social media after its publishing. It allows any post to receive maximum focus. The users can automate the process of publishing the posts on social media platforms using the ‘Jetpack’ plugin. This free plugin is full of utilitarian features. It can connect the users’ social media accounts to the WordPress accounts. It can promote each post on social media platforms as soon as the post becomes live. The CoSchedule is another useful plugin that helps users with the planning and scheduling process of contents. It comes with a content calendar that enables a user to share the customized messages on social media platforms later/date.

10. Automatically Scheduling Blogs

It is essential to post fresh blogs on a website in a routinely manner. It keeps a website relevant in the eyes of the search engines. The site owners can use the ‘Post Creation’ page to automatically post a blog at the date/time/year of their choice with the selected settings.

11. Automatically Collecting Payments

E-Commerce websites need to continuously update the list of their inventory and services. The owners of these websites need to run promotions to attract the customers or visitors to their websites. The website owners can use a reliable ‘payment gateway’ to automate the task of payment collection. It relieves the retailers from all sorts of activities related to payment collection, such as depositing a check or running a credit card.

12. Automatic Checking of Broken Links

The SEO experts spend hours in devising the structures of internal links to improve the websites’ rank. It also enables them to enhance the visitors’ experience. They are also supposed to collect fresh contents for these results. A broken-link plugin can prevent the new contents from being compromised. The ‘Broken Link Checker’ plugin can search for these broken links automatically enabling the SEO experts to promptly repair damages.

13. Automated Analytics Collection

It is essential to remain updated to prevail in the online commercial world. The website-owners are supposed to collect the updated information regarding the traffic to their websites. The site-owners can add the tracking code of their websites to Google analytics and let it automatically pull the relevant information regarding the traffic to their websites.

14. Automated Generation of Leads

Using the Gmail or Outlook accounts, the owner/representatives of an e-Commerce site can maintain online conversation with the prospects/consumers. Hence, it is vital for the owners of e-Commerce businesses to publicize their lead generation platforms or email accounts on their websites. The website owners may use the plugins, such as Hustle, to automate a variety of tasks. It can automatically collect the initial intake forms from the visitors. It even automatically relays the notification of intake messages to users’ inbox from the website. It also automatically sends responses to the users after using a user’s contact forms.

15. Automated Email Marketing

The website owners or SEO experts are supposed to send newsletters to the followers whilst collecting new leads or crafting new blogs for the site. A newsletter plugin can automatically collect the content from a website, generate new messages and send these messages after the featuring of new contents.


The points show that the owners of WordPress websites can automate a variety of tasks. The absence of these additional tasks can improve the users’ efficiency and let them focus on crucial commercial matters. The WordPress plugins or tools bring ease and success into the lives of website-owners or managers. However, it is important to choose these plugins/tools carefully in order not to recede a website’s loading speed.

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