PSD to WordPress – 8 Big Mistakes Developers Make

WEB DEVELOPMENT | September 18, 2020

Mistakes are highly irritable, and minute such occurrences usually have larger impacts on various aspects of life. People must remain aware at all times while doing works of vital importance so that they can avoid mistakes as much as possible.

Enlisted are a few big mistakes that are usually made by website developers. These PSD to WordPress mistakes need to be taken into account by all website developers and owners so that these can be avoided and an increased amount of viewers can be attracted and retained to the websites. 

8 Big PSD to WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Make Website Difficult to Navigate
  2. Wrong use of Inline CSS
  3. Keep Music and Video in Autoplay
  4. Not Following Internal Linking Best Practices
  5. HTML Tags Missed to Close
  6. Poor Website Readability
  7. Not Fixing Image Sizes
  8. Upload Content without Proof Read

Mistake 1: Make Website Difficult to Navigate

Developing a good interface of a website for the users is one of the most critical areas. Developers often tend to make the interface complex as they are trying to include various options, tabs, and pages on the website. This makes the website difficult to navigate for the visitors and results in a reduction of website traffic. This is one of the most common occurring PSD to WordPress mistakes.

To make websites easy to Navigate for the views, developers must develop an easy navigation plan. There should be the use of particular icons with proper images. These icons must be appropriately structured on the web pages for viewers to successfully use intuitive navigation after visiting the websites. 

Mistake 2: Wrong use of Inline CSS

Inline CSS has to be used by website developers once they are converting their PSD files to WordPress (PHP) files. Developers tend to create a separate Inline CSS file for every separate but similar web page. This can be counted as an unnecessary effort and a mistake while making changes from PSD to WordPress.

Website developers must make a single Inline CSS file and connect all the similar web pages with that file. With the help of this, a single change on the Inline CSS file can bring about changes on all the similar web pages (PHP files) linked with the file. 

Mistake 3: Keep Music and Video in Autoplay

Increased competition in all sectors has also increased websites’ necessity to be increasingly visually attractive to increase traffic. To make websites visually appealing, developers often add music or video files with autoplay feature enabled. This might have a positive impact, and viewers can obtain a clear image of services and products as soon as they visit the website.

However, this has specific negative impacts too. The autoplay feature of videos and audios are one of the vital PSD to WordPress mistakes. Imagine the viewer is in a classroom or a conference, and they have opened your website to check information, and music starts playing loud. Bit awkward, isn’t it? Better add videos and audios to your website and leave it on the viewers to play them as per their requirements and comfort. 

Mistake 4: Not Following Internal Linking Best Practices

Internal Linking of web pages increases a proper ranking on Search Engines and appears several times in the search indexes. However, during the website’s development process, it is often seen that the internal linking process is not done correctly. This is a regularly occurring PSD to WordPress mistakes and makes it difficult for the viewers to navigate the website comfortably.

Linking must be done correctly so that visitors on the website can view different pages on your website with ease. Developers must also be aware of unlawful interlinking processes as this may result in negative impacts on the website, and search engines might consider it as unimportant. 

Mistake 5: HTML Tags Missed to Close

WordPress works with the help of PHP coding files that work in the backend and are responsible for developing designs on the website. Developers must ensure that they have closed all HTML tags while they have developed the coding. Otherwise, this might prove to be a massive PSD to WordPress mistakes, resulting in the damage of the website design and the website in the future.

Developers must conduct proper trials multiple times before making the website public and check if all designs are proper and all HTML tags are closed, and all syntax is adequately enclosed in them. 

Mistake 6: Poor Website Readability

A viewer of your website wants to simply know the services or products marketed by you. It might also happen that you are trying to pass on some information among your viewers via your website. Whatever it be, developers must understand the importance of easily readable fonts.

Fonts that are complex to read make viewers upset, and they tend not to read the content. Using different types of fonts with various sizes and colors increases the websites’ readability problems and acts negatively towards traffic generation. Use a maximum of two different fonts and use simple and easily readable font sizes and colors to attract more viewers to your website. 

Mistake 7: Not Fixing Image Sizes

Another PSD to WordPress mistake occurs when developers tend to use various images on websites with different sizes. Developers must maintain regular sizes for all images that are uploaded onto the website. They must understand, if the image is too small, correct information might not be passed on, and if they are too big, they might take lots of time to load.

A standard size image can be easy to view and can be appropriately linked through hyperlinks as per developer and website holder necessity. 

Mistake 8: Upload Content without Proof Read

Finally, the developers and the website owner must take the responsibility of checking the contents that are uploaded before making it public. Improper usage of languages, grammar errors, and other such types of mistakes on a website reduces its readability, and viewers do not visit it.

All contents uploaded on the websites must be appropriately checked and thoroughly proofread before uploading on the website to provide accurate information to the viewers with ease. 


An increase in the number of websites available for different sectors increases competition among them. Developers must be aware of mistakes while creating websites to develop an errorless website and increase traffic. The vital PSD to WordPress mistakes have been discussed so that developers can avoid them in the future.

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