Readymade theme or Custom design – Which one is best for your business?

WEB DEVELOPMENT | August 17, 2020
Which one is best for your business? Readymade theme or Custom design

The needs and requirements of businesses do vary from each other and the same can be seen in the case of choosing the theme or design of the business sites. Comparing the benefits and associated cons a business needs to decide what will suit them best… a Readymade Theme or a Custom Design.


When there is a need for developing a website, two options are mainly available in front of the business. One is selecting a ready-made theme-based website and another one is to opt for a customized design website.

One can choose any one of the two options to enhance more brand credibility and popularize the business. Once a website is developed, the potential customers will no longer visit physical stores rather they will prefer to visit your website. So, a business needs to launch a website which is impressive, industry-specific and user-friendly for the visitors.

What is the Readymade Theme?

The readymade theme, popularly known as a pre-made or template is the low-cost option for giving an interactive design to the website. If you seek the assistance of a Website Development company, they will help you in choosing the ideal readymade theme for your website matching the industry standards.

Ready-made themes are designed by third-party developers. The areas like interactivity, functionality, site-architecture and the layout are predefined in this theme. Only the fonts, colour, logo and the contents are personalized and can be changed according to the business needs.

What is a Custom Design?

As the names suggest you already get the idea that the design of the website, in this case, will be customized and based on your taste and preference. If you want to design your website in a completely customized and unique wat and want to enhance the credibility of the business, then you can surely opt for custom designed themes. A theme crafted with a custom design will require lots of monetary investment as well as time too.

Professional experts are available who can assist you in making the customized design for your website.

If you choose to go with custom design, your website will get more functionality and deliver the best result. You can make the required changes based on your business needs and preferences. This custom design approach is different than that of a ready-made theme approach. Professionals in the field of digital marketing and web designing work in this area to give a customized look to the website. This will no doubt help to make a strong online identity and unique design and this will create a positive impact on your brand.

Benefits of the Readymade Theme

A ready-made theme is easy to get and install on a website. Professionals mainly opt for front end development of a website with a ready-made theme due to the following benefits.

  1. Affordable: To install a ready-made template you need not hire a professional. You can proceed with it anytime. This idea is exceptionally beneficial for those who are newly starting their business as this will involve less cost.
  2. Online support: Ready-made templates are being used for lots of people all over the world especially those who are operating blogs, forums, etc. They will get the best online support to customize the website with certain coding.
  3. User-friendly theme: The best feature of these ready-made themes is that these are user friendly and easy to use. These templates work nicely with a single product store or with multiple product stores. Every template is suitable for every business.
  4. Add on features: The next feature for which a ready-made template becomes popular is nothing but add on features. Once you find that there is a lack of functioning, you just need to go on with the add-ons to do relevant modifications.

Easy to maintain: Ready-made themes are not only easy to use but also these are easy to maintain too. There is no need to take the help of professionals for Website Development as these themes can easily be handled by you.

Benefits of Custom Design

There is no doubt that custom designed themes will make the website entirely different from the rest of the competitors.

There are several benefits of these custom designs and major among them include:

  • Unique design: This helps to add own colours and graphics, etc which can make the website relevant for the business.
  • SEO optimized: These custom-designed themes are entirely SEO optimized and these are can enhance the rankings of the site. These will also attract more customers to get more views.
  • Easy to customize: These designs are easy to customize and you have their control over the site. Hence you can easily manipulate it as per your choice.
  • More functionality: Custom designed themes can add unlimited designs that can easily be programmed.
  • Flexible design: Another benefit of the custom-built site is flexibility. If you suddenly need to do the changes in the functionality of the design, you can easily do it with custom-designed themes.

Choose which is the best for you

Well, from the above details you must have understood the basic differences between these two types of themes. Both of these have plenty of benefits and hence you should think about which one will be best for you. If you do not want to invest extra money for it then ready-made themes will be good for you. Otherwise, a custom-designed will be the best option to give a site the best ranking.

So, what’s your choice?

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Summing up

Hence, it can be noticed that both the templates have their benefits and limitations and depending on the requirement of the business one should select the most effective one.