Magento Tips: Improve the security of your Magento Store

WEB DEVELOPMENT | June 16, 2020
Magento Tips Improve the security of your Magento Store

Among the available yet developed e-commerce platforms, Magento is considered one of the most trusted as well as the largest one. The platform is written in PHP and gained huge popularity because it can target malicious attacks easily. The advantage that one can gain from using Magento for eCommerce stores is that it offers out-of-the-box security to store owners using this platform.

Use of the Magento for your eCommerce business

If you are planning to open an e-commerce store then it is always the best option to opt for Magento Platform. This platform offers out of the box security system that we already mentioned above and offers the best support and keep all the information of the customers safe. This platform offers security is designed into the center of the e-commerce platform. There is no doubt that every e-commerce owner is worried about the proper maintenance of the security of the website and the data of the customers.

Security plays a vital role in every e-commerce store and to get the right security service, every website owner should opt for Magento first. So, here we can take a look at some important tips to develop the security measures of the e-commerce site.

Tips to improve the security of your store

  1. Use updated Magento version
  2. Use two-factor authentication
  3. Use SSL connection
  4. Taking regular back up
  5. Use secure FTP
  6. Customize your admin URL
  7. Implement own password policy
  8. Set a custom path for admin panel
  9. Magento Development Solutions

Use updated Magento version

You may have heard that the recently developed Magento version is not the best in comparison to the previous one. This is true but the experts normally fix the security patches of the previous Magento model and make the new version more advanced. Hence, it is always suggested to stay informed about the latest version of Magento and keep your website updated and safe. Again, once the new version gets released, you should do the necessary testing before implementing them.

Use two-factor authentication

While you are running an e-commerce site, it is suggested never to rely only on passwords. The owner should opt for a two-factor authentication system. This will help to mitigate password-related security hazards. There are other options too which you can opt for such as Sentry, etc. This is free as well as an open-source plugin system which is specifically designed for Magento.

Use SSL connection

The best feature of Magento is to get an SSL connection. The users need to visit the configuration menu and will get secure SSL or HTTPS simply by checking “USE secure URLs”. Your website will become compliant with the PCI data by using this critical element and will ultimately secure online transactions. If data is sent over unencrypted connections then it is extremely in danger and a third party can easily read it. Hence a properly implemented SSL certificate is required to keep the data secure and safe.

Taking regular back up

Whenever you are planning to run an e-commerce website, you should plan properly to take necessary security measures. Hence, opting for Magento is a great deal indeed as besides the necessary security measures this also supports taking backups. Here you will get features like downloadable backups and hourly offsite backup. This is a great help for you in case your website gets hacked or crashed. Regular backups will help to provide you uninterrupted service and you will not suffer any data loss. So, before you finalize a deal with the hosting company you must ensure whether the company offers sufficient backup service or not.

Use secure FTP

Hackers normally hack a site by presuming and incepting an FTP password. This is a common method of hacking. So, every user must use a secured password so that the website can remain safe. Here the user must use SFTP or second file transfer protocol to keep the website secured. To authenticate a user this system uses a private key and does the necessary decryption.

Customize your admin URL

Another significant way to keep the website secured is to opt for a customized admin URL. It is a safety measure to use a unique URL other than using the default one. The login page of the administrator should be kept secured by providing a secured IP address.

Implement own password policy

The security of the e-commerce store can be made more secure with the help of the own password policy. To implement their password policy at first the owners must use password managers like BitWarden or LastPass, etc. Every owner of a website must use a unique password and should establish complexity requirements. One should follow the practice of changing passwords regularly and it is also suggested not to reuse the password. If you follow these practices then you can keep the website safe and secured.

Set a custom path for admin panel

To avoid unauthorized access to your website, you should follow to set a custom path for the admin panel. If any person can access your admin login page from anywhere then your website is extremely vulnerable to any type of hacking. Hence it is necessary to make the path obscure so that the admin panel can prevent any type of interference. However, this process cannot prevent the attack of brute force but this will help to deflect the attacks. So, just limit the access of the IP address and this will restrict the unnecessary access of the website.

Magento Development Solutions

So, you should always be cautious about the security of the website or eCommerce store and should plan properly so that, customers can find your website as one of the safest places to browse the detail. The tips mentioned above are the best way to prevent any type of vulnerability to the website. You can ensure that by availing necessary Magento development solutions.

You can look for the best companies which are offering the best services in Magento development, security protection, and PSD to Magento Theme Conversion. Compare the reputation and experience of the companies before you make the final hiring of the agency for improving the security of the Magento store that you own. Hire only the best service provider in the industry.

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