Pros and Cons of PSD to Bootstrap HTML Conversion

WEB DESIGN | October 5, 2016
PSD to Bootstrap HTML Conversion

Bootstrap has been one of the most desired and widely used frameworks by worldwide developers while converting PSD to HTML.  But is it also suitable for your project and online website? How do you know? Do you actually know or learned about bootstrap?

To know the answers to all these questions, let’s start with what actually Bootstrap is how it became so popular?

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is one of the most effective CSS, HTML and JS frameworks that are used to develop browser friendly and responsive websites.

This framework came into existence in the year 2010, which was developed by a developer and a designer. It is an open source framework having an assortment of elements for crafting websites and web based apps. Seemingly, Bootstrap was developed to create websites easily and quickly that can be used by people of all expertise levels. Still, it doesn’t make it a universal framework that can be used for all types of scenarios. Let’s understand the benefits and drawbacks, if you are planning to use Bootstrap for your website.

Pros of PSD to Bootstrap

  1. Universal Browser Compatible
  2. Attractive and User-friendly Font Icons
  3. Faster Design & Development

To start with, there are several reasons why should you use this framework to create your website!

1) Universal Browser Compatible

A lot of testing has been conducted on all the prominent internet browsers, mobile and desktop to make it browser compatible and device friendly. So, it is quite obvious that you will be stress-free about if your website will be responsive and device friendly or not!

2) Attractive and User-friendly Font Icons

The font icons of this framework are awesome and easy to use. These icons are developed in CSS hence it is quite simple to implement on any device that would actually look beautiful. In addition, Bootstrap also is equipped with some regular jQuery effects which include accordions, sliders, hovers, rollovers and much more. It will reduce your time and effort to implement them with CSS.

3) Faster Design & Development

Using the Bootstrap grid system you would be able to design and develop and work on your coding process much faster and simpler way. So, stick to this grid system and things will go much better, faster and simpler for you.

Cons of PSD to Bootstrap

  1. Follow the Grid System
  2. You Might not Get a Unique Looking Website
  3. Loads of Additional Code
  4. Put Extra Development cost and Time

Of course, this awesome framework comes with some cons as well. It’s not only pros that any framework would have. It’s quite obvious that this framework is great at most of the aspects but what those things are that you may not use this framework for your own website? Have a look:

1) Follow the Grid System

Yes, this is true! You have to comply with the standards of Bootstrap grid to design your website, or else many already scripted HTML and CSS will be of no use. If you want to overwrite these HTML codes and develop your customized styles, you would probably need to begin from scratch. This is equally applicable to design components. If you wish to create your own design and not the already existing design of Bootstrap template, you’ll have to write it or create your own CSS.

2) You Might not Get a Unique Looking Website

In fact, this framework was developed to allow developers and designers to quickly create multiple websites and user interfaces. So now, it is not for creating a unique website layout. Although it’s great to get a fast and user-friendly website, you may end up getting the almost similar type of website without having much uniqueness in those.

3) Loads of Additional Code

If you do not want the already existing font icons, jQuery, CSS etc. that bootstrap is equipped with, don’t need all the CSS / font icons / jQuery / fancy effects Bootstrap comes loaded with, still, it will get loaded in pages views slowing the speed of your website.

4) Put Extra Development cost and Time

In case you are not happy with the inbuilt design theme and want to design your own unique design layout, It may cost you extra efforts, money and time as it is not only the new codes that you have to tweak but you need to also work on the pre-built codes.

Yes, it is still recommended to rely on Bootstrap if you are planning to follow the grid system religiously and using their inbuilt design components. It will help you build a quick and user-friendly website. But if you are planning to have your unique layout and have plans to rework on the codes of Bootstrap, it is not the right framework for your website.