WordPress website launch checklist

WEB DESIGN | September 23, 2015
WordPress website launch checklist

Blogging is the new fad and good for us, we have some really good write-ups to read instead of the boring and explicit tabloids coming in front of us. Having and maintaining your own site or blog is easy nowadays, thanks to so many online portals. Among all these, the one that has been the most popular is WordPress. They are constantly improving and updating their WordPress versions, so now most people only have to get their creative edge out there and fret about the coding of the site.

If you are interested to have your own personal or professional website on WordPress, then stick till the end to find some really useful tricks to help you get going.

WordPress website launch checklist

  1. Review and get the hang of it!
  2. The tutorials!
  3. The basic set up and going beyond that!
  4. Themes and the display!
  5. The required plug-ins!
  6. Focus and improve your SEO!
  7. Keep your site secure!
  8. Analytics!!
  9. The services for the E-commerce sites!
  10. Share your masterpieces with the social media!

Review and get the hang of it!

For all the beginners out there, WordPress has come up with a new section called ‘Where to start’ and this will provide you with a space to create the right kind of outline for your website or blog and start with it.

This, along with the regular help and pointers that pop up, having a website will be a very easy thing for you.

The tutorials!!

To help you understand everything in an easy manner, they have tutorials which have been prepared for the layman and help you learn some good things that will help you and your site in the long run.

The basic set up and going beyond that!!

You can start with a free account and choose the layouts and themes that are available for free. But, if you want an independent domain of your own, then you will have to buy a new domain along with a hosting account. When you do purchase the above mentioned things, you will have to install the basic WordPress set-up to kick start things on a big level.

Themes and the display!!

If you are already accustomed to the various themes of WordPress, then you will know all about them. And once you purchase your own domain name, then you can access a lot of better themes that are easy to customize and moreover, 42 of these themes are free of cost. That is the beauty of WordPress. Be it a professional site or your travel blog, they have some kind of theme in store for everyone.

The required plug-ins!!

Plug-ins are the recent addition and they have changed the whole experience of designing and having a blog or website. According to the latest reports, there have been around 38,350 plug-ins in WordPress. These plug-ins can help you add features that are unique to only your website and help you have an edge over other websites or blogs.

Focus and improve your SEO!!

Search Engine Optimization is something that can either make or break your website. Having the right kind of SEO practices that are in accordance with the ones updated by Google will keep your ratings on the site on good terms. Also, google updates the SEO practices regularly and you should eliminate what it dislikes on its list of websites.

Special focus should be given to the tags on the photos and the media that you upload on your site.

Keep your site secure!!

In order for your site to work properly and be there on the internet, you need to have everything secured by installing the right types of softwares. WordPress has Wordfence, Simple Firewall, Bullet Proof and other such softwares to stay safe from hackers. Copyright every creation of yours that you post online on your blog or website.


Google analytics is still the most used and popular way of measuring the various interactions and activities on the internet. You need to ensure that the google analytics plug-ins are in proper sync so that Google is properly configured to your site. Google analytics by Yoast is recommended by WordPress.org to keep track of your blog and the visitor behavior.

This will ensure that the flow of the visitor is regulated and the kind of visitors that are seen on your blog.

The services for the E-commerce sites!!

There are many retailing sites on the internet and you can start your own with the help of WordPress. Before making a giant leap in this industry, you should try to sell on the small level.

The recent study has shown that it is good to combine the themes and plug-ins in the right manner with the help of WooCommerce and WooE-commerce to create the best shop for your products. These softwares have been designed to help you in displaying your products and also process payment through safe and secure channels.

Share your masterpieces with the social media!!

This is very important and even if you are not a fan of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other such sites, your visitors are; so, you need to have the social media plug-ins ready on your site. If you don’t have the social media plug-ins, you will be losing out on a large number of visitors who will love your site or blog even more.

And it will cause no loss to your pocket as it is free of cost. Get in the habit of publicizing your latest updates and posts and if people love you, they will share your stuff with their friends.

Having a blog or site still seems tough to you? We hope not!! blogging and maintaining a site could not get easier than this. You have a world of great things at your disposal and you can achieve great things or make your passion into your profession with the help of the internet, provided you put in the required efforts. While you need to invest in a minimal amount of money, you still have many features that are for free and not utilizing the free options is really the ignorance of great resources.

So, what are you waiting for? Ensure that you do everything mentioned above and then see how hit you become within months. And you will love the fan following you will have in the end. Happy blogging!!