Best Free HTML Form Templates in 2022

HTML 5 | September 12, 2022

If your website requires visitors to operate and deliver value, you should make it possible for them to register, sign up for an account, and contact you through your site. In general, conversion of PSD to HTML also has a lot of advantages. HTML form templates can let you engage with your users. Adapting a few of these form templates to your website will improve how you communicate with your clients. We will present you with free HTML5 form templates. You may download these example form templates for free, and you can also add or alter any text information or area in such forms. It will assist you in saving time when designing a login form or registration form for your project.

HTML Form Templates

  1. Login Form Templates
  2. Contact Form Templates
  3. Sign-up form Templates
  4. Survey Form Templates
  5. Payment Form Templates

HTML Login Form Templates

1. Magical Login Form Flat Responsive Widget Template

Magical Login Form Flat Responsive Widget Template

This magical login type is genuinely wonderful, with the active illusion of containers of various sizes exploding from the bottom and sliding to the top in a delicate captivating manner over a flat lavender heritage.

2. Classy Forms Widget

Classy Forms Widget

If you need to make a type for your website that contains all of the necessary forms in a single location, here is a clever and excellent choice for your website known as the trendy forms widget to satisfy all of your senses.

3. Widget for Flat Tab Forms Template for a Flat Responsive Widget

Widget for Flat Tab Forms Template for a Flat Responsive Widget

FLAT TAB variations -A Flat Responsive Widget Template with sign-In / sign-Up forms in one panel for simple navigation built beautifully. It is, without a doubt, FREE to download and use in your business activities. This Widget template was created with HTML5 and CSS3 and is Extremely Responsive.

4. Lambent Login Form

Lambent Login Form

LAMBENT LOGIN kind -A Flat Responsive Widget Template that is cleanly created with a prominent Login kind panel that easily matches your internet projects. This template was created with HTML5 and CSS3.

5. Creative Multiple Forms

Creative Multiple Forms

Inventive many variants – A Flat Responsive Widget Template developed to appear gleaming and useful for your site chores. This Responsive Widget template was created using HTML5 and CSS3, is completely free to download, and easily fits into your business website.

6. Convenient Login Form

Convenient Login Form

A Flat Responsive Widget Template with Exceptional Design and Easy Compatibility for Your Online Projects is the Handy login form. To create this template, HTML5 and CSS3 were used. Without a doubt, this widget template is free.

7. Boundary Sign-in Form

 Boundary Sign-in Form

A flat responsive widget template with a beautiful design that is perfect for your web projects is the boundary sign-in form. Both this template and having a smooth signal inform with a spectacular panel work wonders for your online projects.

8. Eminent Login Form

The amazing design of the eminent login form, a flat responsive widget template, perfectly complements your online projects. Both this template and the sign In and Join Us tabbed panels make things a whole lot easier to use.

9. Social Login Form

With a primary sign-In / sign-up transformable panel that pleasantly suits your digital initiatives, the social login type is a flat responsive widget template.

10. Popular Login Form

Popular Login Form

Popular login type – A Flat Responsive Widget Template is easily adaptable to your online efforts and is cleanly created with a basic Login type panel. To create this template, HTML5 and CSS3 were used. Most likely, this widget template is free.

Contact Form

1. General Inquiry Contact Form

The finest responsive contact form template for your mobile responsive website is the general inquiry form. It looks great on all devices, has a great layout, and is responsive.

2.  Contact Form 15

Any website can utilize Contact Form 15, a straightforward contact form built with CSS3 and HTML5. This template for a contact page can be used to construct a sophisticated contact page for almost any industry or niche.

3. Contact Form v10

Simple, free HTML5 contact form template: Contact Form v10. Its custom-styled button, solid color palette, and rounded form spaces ensure that it will look great on both web and mobile platforms.

4. Under the Sea Contact Form

An interactive contact form called Under the Sea Contact Form features the most stunning and engaging designs built with JavaScript and CSS3. This full-page contact form may appear on any size of screen, but it is best suited for kid-friendly websites with animation.



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Sign-up form

1. Xtraform

XtraForm is a bootstrap registration form template that is highly configurable and compatible with a variety of platforms thanks to its jQuery mobile JavaScript coding.

2. With CSS3 and jQuery, a Multi-Step Student Registration Form

This type of registration form in HTML and CSS3 aids in the sectioning of different elements of a long signup form, making it easy to retain records, while jQuery ensures that these forms may function on a broad range of platforms.

3. Authentix

This type of HTML5 form template is produced using a straightforward PHP script for user registration, login, or authentication. These templates for login and registration forms include the option of offering secure sessions.

4. Download the Android Login and Signup Kit in HTML

The creation of signup forms for the Android platform is made much easier with the help of this type of registration form template, which employs CSS for registration forms.

5. Formplexy

Any developer can easily customize this kind of HTML registration form due to its excellent design. Due to the use of a CSS form and jQuery, it is quite quick. Additionally, it supports WordPress Templates and has social sharing buttons and a password recovery option.

6. Tab login and signups forms

Due to its tab-oriented design, which makes it particularly useful for categorizing items, this type of signup form template is very popular.

7. HTML5 & CSS3 Signup Form with a Flat Look

This type of signup form template is one of the best solutions you can get for your site because it has the simplicity and cleanliness of HTML5 coding along with the security of CSS3 signup security with jQuery.

Survey Form

1. CodePen quiet place survey form

This form allows you to connect files and contains a tonne of customizable prompts with a good sense of humor.

2. No Questions Asked (survey) Form – CodePen

Survey with No Questions Asked – CodePen Michael Niewitala’s original form template includes three different types of input prompts while blending its inquiries into the background.

3. South Park Survey Form – CodePen Linh

This entertaining survey form, which is based on the popular television program “South Park,” features customizable prompts with multiple choice and dropdown options.

4. Product Survey Form – CodePen

This beautiful form has a multi-step interactive process that gives customers prompts to answer and an input field where they can write any additional notes.

5. Customer Feedback Form Concept – CodePen

Through an animated graphic that depicts the customer’s experience with a range of frowns to smiles, this form offers a brilliant approach to getting feedback.

Payment Form

1. Muhammad Erdem Credit Card Form – CodePen

This form has a plain background and a great Visa credit card visual that automatically completes itself with the data entered.

2. Axel Michel Payment Form on CodePen

Three interactive and clickable payment forms are available on this form, but you must enter a code for both PayPal and bank account details.

3. Payment Checkout Form – CodePen András Szabácsik

This form resembles a standard checkout template because it lists all available products and asks for payment details.

4. Payment via Credit Card Form – CodePen Adam Quinlan

Depending on the credit card details, this design adapts to show whichever card your consumer uses.

5. Payment Form JS by Maria M. Munoz on CodePen

This form’s pleasant color scheme and clear, straightforward design make it easy for customers to fill it out.

6. Simone Bernabe of CodePen does payment card checkout.

The information your consumer enters in the input fields is used to fill out an interactive credit card graphic on this form.

7. Payment with Credit Card Form – CodePen Jade Preis

Customers may text straight into the credit card graphic using this template’s simplistic, futuristic style, which makes for a fun and engaging experience.


Use one of these templates to include necessary components and improve user interaction on your website. HTML templates are practical since you can easily customize them to suit your needs. We advise you to use these templates as a jumping-off point and modify them to meet your website. The best form templates are made specifically for the website for which they are used.