Importance of W3C Validation during conversion of PSD to HTML

WEB DEVELOPMENT | May 10, 2017

The W3C Validation analyzes the codes of a website to check its conformity to the basic standards of formatting. The guidelines of W3C help web-designers and web-developers create structured websites with cross-browser compatibility and flawless coding. This error-free coding is necessary during the conversion of an image-file with PSD to HTML format.

W3C Validation’s Necessity

Improved Search Engine Rankings

The leading search engines analyze the HTML/XHTML codes of websites during ranking. The websites with invalid codes or incompatible formatting standards may witness inefficient crawling. Hence, incorrect codes reduce search engine ranking of any website. The W3C guidelines provide correct coding and improve the website’s ranking on search engines.

Enhanced User Experience

The W3C validation increases the accessibility of websites on multiple browsers. The improved accessibility automatically increases the websites’ usability and functionality. The web-surfers can view the correctly coded websites on different types of devices and browsers.

The web-developers also use the validation process to minimize the formatting errors and to avail corrective measures. The correct codes increase websites’ loading speeds and enhance users’ experiences.

Browser Friendly Websites

The businesspersons need their websites to be compatible on multiple browsers. The W3C validated codes increase the compatibility of any website. The non-validated websites are harder to access on different web-browsers in comparison to the validated websites. Hence, W3C validation improves the display of any site through eradication of any formatting error.

Multi Device Accessibility

Nowadays, the majority of new-surfers access websites through Smartphones or Tablets. It is essential for the websites to incorporate the mobile-friendly features due to the rise of mobile commerce. The business-owners are constantly trying to enhance the usability of their websites on various devices. The W3C validation increases the accessibility of websites on multiple devices and let businessperson extend their reach in commercial arena.

Easy Coding & Maintenance

The automated checking tools of W3C validation are useful to novice or amateur web-developers. They may use this checking tool to spot any error, instantly. Hence, coding becomes easier with the assistance of W3C. This validation technique approves the coding that maintains HTML formatting. The coding-style of HTML has received global acceptance. It is easy to maintain the HTML-based websites and W3C encourages the development of these sites.

Debugging Feature

The validating components of W3C are necessary to initiate error-free coding. These components bring coding errors within focus and identify the source of the problem for developers. These components also check various documents to identify the existence of invalid codes.

W3C Validation Process

The web-developers regard W3C Markup Validation Service tool to be most useful during code authentication due to its special features.

  • The developer needs to enter the website’s URL in the address box and click the ‘check’ button.
  • A list of HTML errors embedded within the coding instantly appears on the screen after this process. The developers may upload their files and use this tool to check the errors.
  • The web-developers may even select the direct validate option. They need to put the markups of their files in the check box and click the ‘check’ option to display the errors.

Best Provider of HTML Conversion Service

The Only Pixel Perfect HTML is a reliable provider of HTML-specific services and W3C validation. The PSD is essential for web designs; though, several web-browsers may regard its code to be incompatible. On the other hand, every leading web-browser considers HTML codes readable.

  • The skilled and experience developers of this organization can create dynamic HTML/CSS markups.
  • They also cater premium-quality W3C validated HTML5/CSS3 markup services around the world.
  • They use advance technologies to let webmasters develop pixel-perfect HTML markups and enhance the user-experience.
  • They also allow webmasters to convert PSD to HTML with W3C validated HTML markups.

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