Magento eCommerce Development Company – What to Consider Before Hiring

Magento | April 29, 2022
Magento eCommerce Development Company

Magento is the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world today, operating in both B2C and B2B modes. Nearly 33% of websites run on the Magento platform. If you attempt to complete all Magento-related duties on your own, it might occasionally devolve into a mess. As a result, it is usually prudent to outsource complex duties to a Magento eCommerce development Company . However, there are numerous Magento eCommerce development businesses in this competitive industry. As a result, selecting the correct business to handle all of your activities, from customer management to inventory management, becomes quite challenging. If you are having the same issue, we are here to assist you. Let’s have a look at some of the critical aspects to consider before selecting a Magento eCommerce development business .

Requirements for Choosing a Magento eCommerce Development Company

Before starting to look for the correct Magento eCommerce development company,  it is vital to ascertain your requirements and the type of development you require. Before choosing a Magento eCommerce development company, you should consider the following requirements:

Determine your needs

The first requirement before you start looking for a Magento eCommerce development company is to know all your needs. You must be clear about all your needs and what you expect from the company you want to hire. It is advisable to write down everything you want from scratch and represent it before the company.

Be clear about what you require.

You must be clear regarding all your requirements, ranging from market insights, customer needs, your products, and data analysis. You must know the kind of eCommerce store you want and how it can be achieved. You must form a team to analyze the requirements and present them to the company.

Set an approximate budget.

Sometimes the most prominent factor in Magento development is budget. You must be certain about how much money you want to spend to build the Magento eCommerce store. The amount of resources required depends on various factors, such as revenue. You must try to spend 5% of your total revenue for the above purpose.

While choosing a Magento eCommerce development company, keep these points in mind:

You need to think about these things when you choose a company to help you with your Magento eCommerce site:

Are they Magento agencies or Magento Solutions Partners? 

It is the most important step that you must complete. You cannot expect all the Magento eCommerce development company to be certified and genuine. You must ask the companies regarding the Magento certifications they have received. A Magento agency can be considered genuine if and only if it has received the Magento development certifications. Magento runs a partnership program with all Magento agencies and provides certifications based on the program. The qualified Magento Agency will consist of the following:

  1. We built a certain number of Magento projects.
  2. They have certified Magento developers.
  3. Magento developers must be up-to-date regarding the latest developments.
  4. Developers must give the Magento exam every year.

How old is this Magento Agency? When was it established? How Many Years of Experience Does It Have?

Experience is an important factor in Magento development. An experienced Magento agency can provide you with a better quality eCommerce store. You must gather information regarding the experience of the agency in Magento development. You must also know about the developers of the agency and their experience in development. You must ask the agency for the following information:

  1. The number of Magento projects they’ve completed
  2. Their experience in Magento development is vast.
  3. The number of Magento developers who have
  4. experienced Magento developers.
  5. The number of Magento developers available to complete your project.
  6. Experience with Magento developers that are available for your work.

Do You Like the Reputation and Level of Popularity of the Agency?

Popularity is not just a matter of developing Magento projects. Popularity comes when you perform consistently and deliver the best products to your customers. Moreover, having plenty of reviews is not necessarily the best parameter. The quality of feedback also plays a vital role in determining the popularity and reputation of the Magento eCommerce development company . The collected feedback must consist of all the required metrics. You can also check out the Magento agency review companies such as Clutch to get correct company feedback.

You must note the following points for measuring the reputation and popularity of a Magento eCommerce development company :

  1. The feedback must consist of the required parameters.
  2. Customers’ genuine feedback
  3. Try to collect personal reviews from the agency’s customers.
  4. The number of customers who have provided feedback

Technologies Used in the Magento Store Development Process 

The company you choose must be aware of the latest technology and development processes. The Magento agency must have access to various forums and support systems to help them out when they are stuck with your product. You must look at the various technologies that the company uses and their experience with those technologies. You need to think about the following things to make sure that the agency is getting the right technology:

  1. The agency must use the technologies that you require.
  2. It must provide constant support and a smooth transition after projects.
  3. experience of a company in your desired technology

Do They Contribute to the Magento Community

The best company is one that contributes to the Magento community through various blog posts. It displays their knowledge regarding Magento technology and increases the knowledge of readers. You must also check if the company attends the local Magento community events regularly. It shows the awareness of the agency regarding the latest technologies. You must make sure that the agency:

  1. Do they have an Instagram account and a GitHub account?
  2. On what issues does the agency tweet about or post on Facebook?
  3. Are developers active on Magento StackExchange and StackOverflow?
  4. Do developers post about PHP, eCommerce, or Magento regularly?
  5. Do agencies attend local Magento community events regularly?

Testing and Quality Assurance of the Project 

Testing at regular intervals ensures the quality of your project. You must ask the Magento eCommerce development company if they have a quality assurance team. Testing also ensures the quality of code that can help you with development refinements in the future. An agile framework ensures the testing of code. You must make sure the company performs the following quality tests:

  1. Unit testing: after every module is created,
  2. Integration testing: After integration of various modules,
  3. Performance testing: To test if the product meets the required performance standards.
  4. JavaScript testing
  5. Web API functional testing.
  6. Static code analysis:
  7. Usability testing

Deployment Processes and Post-deployment Support

It is necessary to be sure about the deployment process of the Magento eCommerce development company . Post-deployment facilities refer to technical assistance provided by the agency after the deployment process. It will help you when you face any future technical issues or require any minor changes and updates. You must ask the agency regarding the following:

  • Deadline for the deployment process
  • Do companies track the changes carefully?
  • The procedure is followed by them at the production level.
  • Do they follow the professional development process?

Portfolio and Client Reviews 

You must look at the past work of the agency you are hiring. The best way to use this purpose is to have a glimpse at their portfolio. It will make you understand whether the agency has built a product matching your requirements. You must also look at the reviews of past customers to get a deep understanding of the company’s capabilities. You must look for the following points before hiring the agency:

  • Does the portfolio match your requirements?
  • Does the company have experience in building similar projects?
  • Analyze the feedback and reviews.
  • Do not hire the agency if negative feedback is predominant.
  • Analyze the pros and cons of hiring the agency.


Before you begin the process of choosing a Magento eCommerce development company , you must first establish your project needs. If you have intricate requirements that your staff cannot handle, it is preferable to employ a Magento firm. You must verify that the agency holds the necessary qualifications. Additionally, the agency adheres to all development processes and procedures. The experience of agencies and developers is critical to a project’s successful transition. Additionally, you must consider the agency’s developers’ technological savvy.