How Much Does HTML to WordPress Conversion Cost?

WEB DEVELOPMENT | October 14, 2020

HTML to WordPress Cost

The price of HTML to WordPress conversion of a website depends on a few factors. Approx. HTML to WordPress cost is started at $150 for a single page.

Innumerable website developers have used Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) over a long period to create new websites. However, with technological advancements, the development of websites has developed enormously.

WordPress can be considered the most preferred platform for creating websites in present times, mainly because of the ease with which work can be done in it. Moreover, modern designs and various interfaces have also been included in WordPress, focusing on change in consumers’ choices. 

3 Ways to Convert HTML Template to WordPress Theme

Increased proficiency available in WordPress is presently making people convert their HTML template to WordPress theme

Three processes in which you can easily convert your HTML Website to a WordPress website have been discussed below:

1. Creation of a WordPress theme manually as per your website requirements

This process requires adequate coding knowledge, and the developer needs to enter the codes on WordPress to create the theme and then develop the website. Further inclusions can be done as per requirements, and the old website can be given a similar yet modified look. 

2. Using an already available WordPress theme

Through this process, people can change, upgrade, or convert their websites with the help of themes already available on WordPress for free. This does not require coding knowledge, and by choosing basic designs, interfaces, and providing content, people can remodel and convert their older websites. 

3. Choosing the paid conversion services available

In this process, certain premium features available on WordPress have to be purchased separately. The website owner has to spend significant amounts to purchase these features and make changes and development to their older websites accordingly by hiring PSD to WordPress developers

Things to Consider in HTML to WordPress Conversion Cost

The entire process of converting a website from HTML to WordPress can be done at a variety of costs. Most of the features that have to be purchased are affordable, but analyzing a particular cost for developing a website is a bit tricky.

The price of HTML to WordPress conversion of a website depends on a few factors. Approx. HTML to WordPress cost is started with $150 for a single page. Analysis of these factors that affect the cost of conversion from HTML to WordPress has been discussed below: 


Conversion processes of a website are mostly carried out by the owners so that the website looks upgraded and visually more appealing to the viewers and consumers. For this process to work successfully, the addition of certain features on the websites become unavoidable.

These features are usually included with the help of plugins and themes already present in WordPress. Sometimes, these themes and plugins are available for free, and sometimes they have to be bought by the owner.

An increase in new features on the modified websites increases the costs that are required to convert it. The addition of new features is mostly done based on consumer requirements, information that has to be shared, and owner requirements. Costs of conversion of the website are thus impacted by the features added to the website during conversion.

Choice of Hiring

Hiring the right person for the conversion service is also a vital area that the investor and the website owner must consider. There are freelance website developers who can provide services at reduced costs within a shorter period. However, freelance website developers are mostly inexperienced and often cause reliability issues after handing over all personal information.

On the other hand, companies also provide the same services, and in such cases, there are no trust issues that are faced. Agencies that work towards website development also have a professional attitude towards the work and have a better experience than freelance workers.

However, if you are taking the conversion services from a WordPress conversion company and hiring their experts, you have to spend much more money than the costs of a freelancer. Thus it is seen that the choice of an expert who will be hired for website conversion also plays a critical role in analyzing the costs of the conversion process. 


Even after the conversion of a website from HTML to WordPress, there are regular WordPress maintenance that are required. Features on the websites must be regularly improved to increase its traffic and develop its rank on the search engine.

Further, security features have to be added to the website to protect the confidential information that is uploaded. Other factors, like removing bugs and managing the website breakdown or glitches, also need to be considered.

Overall for the entire process, a separate service provider can be hired for maintenance, which would have separate cost addition. 

However, you can yourself gain substantial knowledge of WordPress Content Management System if you are aware of the processes of web developments. In this way, you can cut the costs required to hire a separate expert.

Moreover, you can also buy features as per the improvements required and have complete knowledge about the website that is being created. 

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Conversion of HTML to WordPress is necessary in the present times, given the amount of competition present in all fields. The development of a Website via WordPress is costly, but it is also absolutely worth the expenditure.

However, the investors and website owners must remain aware of the choices that they are making regarding the conversion process and the amounts that they are spending.

WordPress can provide you with website development at the most affordable rates and with the best Return on Investments if a reliable and well-qualified web developer carries out the entire process.